Fall Into Step With Next Step Dance

Next Step Dance

Next Step Dance Performing Arts Center first opened its doors in Frisco to aspiring young dancers in 2008. Founded by Rita Allen, Russell Spearman, and Michelle Stafford, the classes at Next Step Dance provide every dancer with the training and tools needed to reach their goals.

all photos by Sergio Hentschel / Hentschel, LLC

Whether they are taking their first steps in a tiny tutu or are a more experienced dancer looking to take their training to the next level, Next Step Dance has classes to satisfy every dancer. No matter what your child’s goal may be, their staff is ready to help them take that next step!

all photos by Sergio Hentschel / Hentschel, LLC

With fifteen full-time instructors on staff, each one is trained in various styles of dance.

Next Step Dance is also very proud to have three Next Step Dance alumni on staff this year. Nick Gomez, Cody Berkeley, and Katy Hunter will be teaching contemporary dance, ballet, tap, drill, and hip hop. Peg Waldschmidt is the newest member of our staff and will be teaching voice and acting classes. Michelle Stafford and her assistant Ashley Thon are directors for the prestigious “Performing Company.”

all photos by Sergio Hentschel / Hentschel, LLC

No matter your age, there’s a class for you at Next Step Dance because both children’s and adult’s classes are very similar in that they are geared to the level and age of the student. Most adult classes are made up of either students that have never danced, but would love to learn, or students that danced growing up and want to keep that passion alive. Classes for children are made up of very similarly proficient students and ages.

No one should be scared to try a class. We have classes available for all ages and levels. I am 76 years old and have never danced.  But I tried several of our Level I classes last year and had a great time and didn’t feel uncomfortable in any of them!” says owner Rita Allen.

all photos by Sergio Hentschel / Hentschel, LLC

Classes at Next Step Dance start with an instructor who is proficient in that style of dance, and if the size of the class demands it, an assistant will accompany the instructor. The instructor follows a properly structured syllabus to ensure each student learns the technique required for that style of dance.

While the Next Step Dance fall schedule started towards the end of August, they offer a “one-time come try a class with us for new students” and have classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to accommodate any schedule. During the year, they offer “No Registration Fee” periods, master class opportunities, family discounts, and summer camp discounts.

all photos by Sergio Hentschel / Hentschel, LLC

So, what’s next on the horizon for Next Step Dance?  Their biggest news is that they’ll be moving from their well-known location in Frisco Square to soon-to-be known worldwide location in The Star in the Spring of 2017.  The new studio will be almost twice as large as their present studio, and the opportunities for students are limitless as they will be expanding their ballet program and will begin incorporating a musical theater program.

So get up, move out, and STEP IN TIME to experience state-of-the-art dance training, discipline, and team work with Next Step Dance!