@Nerdvana Coffee+Shop in Frisco Square: Caffeine, Games, Good Times

Like many people in Frisco, I love – and sometimes just plain need – a good cup of coffee. Americans spend an average of $13.6 billion on coffee per year and that number continues to rise.

A study in 2015 showed the American worker spends about $16.40 a week on coffee, and that number is likely to exceed $21 per week in 2016. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, local coffee shops, and at every gas station, people are stopping multiple times a day to get their fix.

So when news broke of a cool coffee shop coming to the Gearbox building, I couldn’t be happier.

Welcome to @Nerdvana Coffee+Shop

@Nervdana is a coffee shop concept dreamt up by the creative minds of Kristy Pitchford and Executive Chef Mike Junio.

We wanted a place that not only people could come to get coffee, but a place for gamers, nerds and all people to relax, play some of our table top games and just feel at home.”

@Nerdvana had their ribbon cutting ceremony in July and the energy from the staff, residents and the owners is exciting. When you step inside you know you’re in a coffee shop, but not the typical coffee shop that we all have been going to for years. You’re in place that has a city vibe with tables, benches, classic tabletop games, and outlets everywhere for any device you need to keep charged.

The idea of the coffee shop was relatively new, said Pitchford.

Frisco came to us with the news of moving Gearbox here, and when we finally came to Frisco we wanted to create a “nerd culture” around us. With the campus being here and the National Videogame Museum, which we were a big part of bringing to Frisco, we wanted this to be a home for everyone involved “

The name @Nerdvana came after many ideas were bounced around back and forth.

We really wanted the name but for sure thought that it would be taken or trade marked. After a search our lawyer found out it was available. I jumped on it when he gave us the news that he trademarked it for us and it was ours!”

Get Into The Games

The shop has a pretty large seating area for patrons to enjoy a break from work, or to play one of many tabletop games.

Gaming is who we are and we really want people to be part of that. Some of these games can be overwhelming to people and that might scare them away, eventually we want to welcome people here and teach them to play some the games and show them how much fun it is and ease people into it.”

At @Nerdvana they take gaming very seriously. That’s no secret but the more important question is, do they take coffee as seriously?”

The Coffee

I can tell you first-hand..they do.

We wanted to use a local roast from day one. We have a few guys upstairs [at Gearbox] who take coffee very seriously. From the roast and blend and how to brew. They actually helped us a lot.”

We got together with Oak Cliff Coffee and from the start, they were amazing to work with. They trained us in every aspect and taught us so much to make this a successful place. Having them close and their excellent support means we can’t wait to see what this brings.”

If you’re looking for something to go with your coffee, rest assured, Chef Mike Junio knows what he’s doing. Artisan Texas Toast recipes and fresh pastries from Millstone Bakery will get your day started off right or provide an excellent afternoon snack.

More Fun and Getting Things Done

Since visiting on opening day I have made @Nerdvana a part of my daily ritual. The staff, coffee, and environment is a breath of fresh air to the city, Frisco Square, and the coffee culture in general.

For a bit of added fun, check out the Coffee Ripples app (iPhone and Android). You can even get your mug printed on your cappuccino!

If you’re looking for a great place to get some work done, look no further. Their Wifi speed tests (on mobile devices only) gave us 80-90MB up and down. Grab the wifi code from the bottom right of the blackboard when you walk in.

@Nerdvana does have something for everyone and they are continuing to add some very cool things to their plate such as a podcast booth that overlooks the entire shop.

You can buy games, check them out, and learn to play them while there.

If you are tired of the same old choices and want something different, stop by and meet the staff. Chances are, I’ll be there sitting at a table “working” – just ignore the game in front of me!

Monday – Friday: 6am – 9pm
Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 8am – 9pm

5757 Main Street
Frisco, TX 75034

Nerdvana on:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Phone: 214.618.8130