Music Movement

From records and tapes to CDs and downloads, music has a been a part of my life ever since I can remember and it surrounds me on a daily basis. Over the years, I’ve become friends with musicians and artists from all genres and have worked with many more. To me, music is not only good for the soul, but good for community as well, and that couldn’t more true than with Music Movement.

Music Movement was founded in 2011 by Stacie Woolf D’Agostino. Stacie had a lifelong goal of creating an organization that would help children with Autism and learning differences… a group of people who are dedicated to making these children’s lives better.

Music Movement is 100% volunteer-based and the people involved are just as committed as Stacie. With core goals that are not only focused on the cause but dedicated to music, their mission statement is straight to the point.

Use the power of music to enrich the lives of children and young adults with Autism and learning differences on a broad scale.” 

With programs, events, and scholarships, Music Movement reaches youth across the country with financial assistance and musical instruments.

Last May, Music Movement held their inaugural charity concert in the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Looking around in the DFW area, Music Movement needed to find someone who was comfortable enough to perform in front of the large crowd… a young musician with Autism to perform as the event’s opening performance.

Ryan Derry (a member of Music Movement) received a response from Mary Altom, the owner of Sound Starts Music Therapy here in Frisco. Ryan was informed of a young man named Shawn Piper, and with only a few days before the concert, Ryan was able to coordinate the details of the show with country singer Billy Dawson.


Shawn Piper

With only one rehearsal just hours before the show, Shawn blew the audience away. That was the first day of a strong relationship that Ryan and Music Movement now have with Shawn and his family.
Music Movement now works hand in hand with Mary Altom and her team at Sound Starts and helps to provide quality music therapy for children here in Frisco. Having a core partner has opened many doors at Music Movement for other talented youth with Autism to not only benefit from the program but also to share their talents.
From grants and donations to sponsors and people nationwide, Music Movement is able to reach and impact many youth across the country. By creating positive change, and nurture children through the power of music, all students and their families appreciate the staff and everyone involved with this program.
If you would like to be a part of Music Movement, or see how they’re involved with our city, all the information can be found on their website at Thank you, Ryan Derry, for taking the time to talk to me and we all look forward to hearing more about Music Movement and its impact in Frisco.