Moving You Forward this Spring with a Clean Slate

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We’re not here to tell you how to wash your windows, scrub your walls, clean out your fireplace, or any of the other deep cleaning tasks that are necessary for every household. If you need info on that, you can hire Sometimes Spouse, call your mom, or Google it. 😉

If you’re tired of the winter blues, just hold your breath because with Daylight Savings Time, that means the ritual of spring cleaning is about to begin. “Spring cleaning” allows us to freshen up our homes, and get a head start on the warmer seasons, but did you know it’s a tradition?

Spring clean has been a long tradition dating back to when people had to keep their houses closed all winter long. To battle the cold, they burned coal, oil, and wood for heat. By the time spring rolled around, the soot and ashes covered most of the home’s surfaces.

So, when it finally got warm enough, everyone in the family would pull out every piece of furniture, bedding, kitchen-ware, and clothing to sweep and scrub down the entire house.

Carolyn Chynoweth, Marketing Manager for Two Men And A Truck says…

If you’re planning to move this spring (on top of just normal cleaning), how about a helpful list of things to think of when spring cleaning before moving.”

Spring Clean Clothes Before Moving

Instead of boxing up and then moving all your sweaters, boots, coats, scarves, mittens, etc. take a long hard look at them and decide if they’re really worth the cost of the move. If any items are wearing thin, color worn, unclean-able, won’t fit the “hand-me-down to the next kid” any time soon, then it may be better to give them to the donation pile now. BONUS: it will clear up storage space.

Then, go through all the hand-me-down boxes you currently have. If you are anything like most Frisco moms, you save those clothes from one kid to the next and after *ahem* 15 years you’ve amassed an entire thrift store worth of clothes. All these “treasures” become major stressor on the family.

Again, like the winter clothes, take a good look at those hand-me-downs. Are there any stains, holes, or rips? Are they stretched out? Do your kids just not like that style? Did you last child whine every time you told them to wear the outfit because it was too itchy, too loose, or too tight? Should it have stayed in the decade that it was created in?

Instead, why not let the whole family feel good by loading up the car and making a major donation to Frisco Family Services or Frisco Resale?” asks Carolyn. 

Cleaning Before Moving Odds & Ends

Accessories:  If you have seasonal drapes, blankets, throw pillows, and rugs, consider their condition as well. Moving costs money and these are heavy, bulky, hard to wrap items. It might be cheaper just to buy a replacement when the time comes rather than to move them.

Christmas decorations:  Do you love them? Do you use them? Will you still love them in your new home?

Knick knacks:  Do they have long-lasting design value? Or will you be sick of looking at them two months after the move? Are you already sick of looking at them?

Art:  Is your artistic sensibility and decor color palette staying the same in the new home? Has the artist appreciated in value and maybe it’s time to sell? While Two Men And A Truck will move your art safely and securely, is it time to “gift” a piece or two to other members of the family?

Office equipment:  Will it work on the electricity system where you are moving to or would you need to buy a costly power converter? If things will be put in storage, are they in good condition to withstand the time of non-use?

Sentimental items:  If you are planning multiple moves it may be better to give them a secure place in storage rather than chancing the moves. We have all of our wedding photos, baby photos (before digital was cheap), and all of those things safely stored in my in-laws storage room. It didn’t make sense to drag them back and forth across the ocean and the U.S. They are as safe as they can be. Carolyn says…

It’s finally here… MOVING DAY! Make it easier by starting with an overnight bag that contains all your essentials. Chances are, you’ll be too tired to unpack your things, and you’ll want your basics within easy access, including a change of clothes if you’re going back to work the next day as well as all your toiletries. It’s also a great way to transport a laptop, which could run the risk of getting stolen during a move.” 

Final Checklist

All Rooms



Bedrooms and Living Room



Finally, leave behind the details of the lawn services, pool services, pest control, and the amazing MOVING company you used – Two Men And A Truck!