Move Over Aspirin! 3 Inflammation-Reducing Superfoods

Chronic arthritis or injury? Upcoming surgery? Scheduled Botox or filler procedure? Each of these is often accompanied by inflammation – the body’s biological response to protect and restore itself from harmful stimuli.

We’ve all experienced some type of inflammation in our body whether it’s due to post-workout soreness, arthritis issues, swelling, joint stiffness, surgical procedures, or a sore throat from the common cold. Chronic inflammation is considered the culprit for many serious and debilitating diseases. Fortunately, there are a few simple and inexpensive things you can add to your daily diet to naturally reduce inflammation and help the body heal.

Move over Ibuprofen and Aspirin! Say hello to pineapple, turmeric, and ginger – your inflammation-reducing superfoods!


Why Pineapple? It’s loaded with ‘bromelain’ – an enzyme property that has been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation. Because it’s so effective, some doctors even recommend drinking pineapple juice before a botox treatment to reduce swelling.

The majority of bromelain is found in the pineapple flesh and core. Consider amping up your daily intake by eating a cup of sliced pineapple or add it along with the core to a smoothie. The core can easily be diced up by a handheld chopper or a food processor. Voila! You’ve used the whole pineapple!

Not only is the pineapple yummy but they’re a total bang for your buck! Typically they can be found year-round at local grocery stores such as Kroger from between $.99 – $1.99.

Rushing and no time to make your own smoothie? Vitality Bowls has you covered with smoothies such as the Tropical Paradise, The Powernator, and Graviola, each of which includes pineapple.


Another great anti-inflammatory you may be hearing a lot about lately is turmeric. Some consider it the miracle spice! It can be found as a yellow powder or root that comes from the Curcuma longa plant found in India and Southeast Asian countries.

Turmeric has a healing compound Curcumin – think ‘Herculean’ strength to restore and possibly reverse diseases. It’s known for preventing blood clots, reducing depression, and contributing to healthy, glowing skin.

The most significant benefit of turmeric is the power to reduce inflammation. In the case of many diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and ulcerative colitis, inflammation is considered the root cause of these conditions.

To reduce the body’s inflammation, you can reap the benefits of this superfood by digesting it or applying it topically to the skin. It’s not very tasty on its own so my personal preference is to add a ½ – whole teaspoon of turmeric powder into orange juice, a smoothie, or when cooking chicken dishes. Turmeric is a pantry must-have!

Ginger Root

Ginger is one of my go-to superfoods because it improves circulation in the body, alleviating that sluggish sensation. I think of it as an energizer! Who doesn’t need a little extra energy living in a fast-paced environment? And it reduces inflammation!

Ginger can be consumed as a powder or root. I opt for the fresh root and dice it into a salad. The zesty flavor takes a blah salad and gives it a tasty zing! Ginger also helps with muscle soreness and pain you may experience post-exercise.

Furthermore, fresh ginger has the ability to reduce nausea, improve digestive functions, aid in weight loss, fight the common cold, and lower blood sugar. Wow!

One of the most notable benefits that will keep your mate happy is an improved libido due to an increased circulatory system. Blood will flow to all the right places!

Next time you’re at the local grocer add pineapple, turmeric, and ginger to your cart and you may find that you’ll no longer need that daily Aspirin or Ibuprofen. And you just might feel a bit healthier, too!

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