Mom Guilt, Be Gone! With Molly Claire Coaching

It seems as if there is a coach for everything these days – health, time management, career success, even email management! But wouldn’t it be great if someone could come alongside the average Mom and be a coach for those basic life issues that weigh us down?

Molly Claire does just that. She’s a life coach who primarily focuses on Moms as her clientele – coaching women through the challenges and stressors of being mothers and caregivers and helps them to reduce overwhelming feelings of guilt and stress.

Molly loves to provide the “Mom-preneur” with guidance as they work to balance their roles of business owner and mother. She provides single Moms with direction as they heal from past relationships and to cast a vision for a vibrant future. Molly says,

My work empowers Moms to feel confident and capable in the many responsibilities they carry as they reach their own potential.”

In October 2014, Molly started her coaching business after seeing the amazing impact coaching had in her own life. She realized that coaching would provide her with the flexibility she had always dreamed of in a job, enabling her to be fully present with her own kids.

As she began to discover her natural coaching abilities, her passion for the business grew. Her book, The Happy Mom Mindset: 7 Ways to Skip the Mom Traps So You Can Think, Feel, and Be Happy, hit the bestseller charts on Amazon last summer. This book, and the membership site that accompanies it provides a cornerstone to Claire’s coaching business.

The Happy Mom Mindset guides Moms through a process of reframing the way they think about themselves, their emotional trajectories, and their purpose. Molly’s book helps women see themselves more confidently and teaches mothers to trade out feelings of guilt and insufficiency for confidence, vision, and purpose.

Moms learn to avoid cycles, with both children and significant others, of power struggles and doubt. Molly’s book and coaching give Moms a joy and knowledge about themselves that evaded them previously.

Molly is proud of the characteristics that make her coaching style unique.

My coaching process is much more about permanent changes in how we live and how we feel, and much less ‘hand-holding’ and accountability. It’s also different from traditional therapy in that it’s very forward-focused. The process challenges my clients to change both their perspectives and their actions.”

Furthermore, Molly knows that her focus on Moms as her target audience makes her a unique standout. When asked about a client that stood out in her memory as an inspiring example, Claire held up Wendy as an example (name changed for confidentiality purposes).

Wendy was a part of my group for Moms and also did one-on-one coaching with me. We addressed a lot of issues she was dealing with including her marriage frustrations and feeling overwhelmed as a mother of four kids – two with special needs.”

Claire’s excitement was evident as she described the work she did with Wendy to build her confidence in her own abilities as a parent, as well as adopting healthy boundaries that allowed her to give herself space and time for her own needs.

She started to allow herself time to take care of herself. She set better limits with her kids, and she was frustrated far less often. She also found that she was able to communicate and work together with her husband more effectively since she wasn’t feeling so upset as often.”

Claire’s online coaching and support groups are highly popular and convenient. Right now, for instance, Claire is coaching a group of women through a support group on managing stress through the holidays. In early 2018, she plans to launch a new course that guides newly single Moms through the process of transitioning their parenting style and healing from the breakup.

So how about you, Frisco Mom? It’s almost December. Are you beginning to feel under-the-gun as the busy holiday season begins? Get to know Molly Claire and her coaching… Her book might be the perfect present to hide for yourself under the tree!