M&D Sorority Gifts

Every once in a while I run across a business in Frisco that just thrills me to no end… M&D Sorority Gifts is my latest find.  M&D stands for “mother and daughter” and was created in 2009 with much love and determination by Trudy (mother) and Jennifer (daughter) Marlow.

Trudy and Jennifer Marlow

I am an only child. The only family member my age is my cousin, Ashley, who is one year younger than I am. She is an only child, too, and has an only daughter, Zoe, who just pledged Zeta Tau Alpa (ZTA) at Stephen F. Austin State University.  I’m SO proud of all of Zoe’s accomplishments and as soon as she received her bid I went looking for Zeta items to get her as a “Congrats” gift…. I had no idea how hard that search would be.

Of course there’s tons of ZTA, and every other sorority, items online, but I was having lunch with Ashley and Zoe the next day and I wanted to take her a goodie basket then.  That meant finding items immediately.  Google to the rescue and I found M&D Sorority Gifts right here in Frisco.

M&D Sorority Gifts store front

M&D supplies affordable Greek sorority merchandise that you just can’t find anywhere else.  They are a Greek Licensed vendor and manufacturer which means that 8.5% of all sales is given back to your national Greek organization. M&D manufactures all their own Greek clothing which allows them to create a large variety of sorority clothing at college girl-friendly pricing. Plus, they manufacture a ton of other items like:

M&D’s unique designs are what differentiate them from other sorority stores in the DFW area and the U.S. Trudy designs the majority of the products for the 28 sororities.  Their clothing is not just for current active sorority women, M&D also carries clothing for mom, dad, alumnae members, big sister, little sister, grand big, and legacy clothing. Jennifer specializes in the social media aspect of the business with an emphasis on product marketing and customer relations.

How did it all come to be?  Jennifer joined Gamma Phi Beta at SMU in Dallas, and the following year Jennifer took “twin littles.” Twins in a sorority means two little sisters from the same pledge class.  When a sorority woman takes a little, or littles, she prepares a basket of her sorority’s merchandise including clothing, drinkware, and room decorations.

“Mom and I had a hard time finding unique Gamma Phi Beta products for littles.  Luckily for me, my parents were only 45 minutes away, and I was able to go home on the weekends.  We were doing a lot of crafting, so we started making our own Gamma Phi Beta gifts from her house in Frisco each weekend. During the week, I lived in the Gamma Phi Beta house at SMU.  I would bring in all my new Gamma Phi Beta gifts, and my sisters and friends LOVED what we made and asked us to make things for them. That was the beginning of M&D Sorority Gifts,” said Jennifer.

M&D designs and creates sorority merchandise for:

So, why Frisco? It’s Trudy’s and Jennifer’s hometown. Having started primarily as an ecommerce only business, M&D was quickly embraced by Frisconians and word spread.  They wanted their store to be close to their home and serve the sorority needs of local ladies. So, share the sisterhood, and get all your Greek gifts at M&D Sorority Gifts!


Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–4PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
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Saturday 11AM–3PM
Sunday Closed

Behind Lee Lighting on Preston Road
8765 Stockard Drive, Suite 201  Frisco, TX  75034