Mastering Balance, Health and Happiness – Jenny Dean Fitness

I’m betting your wardrobe, your summer schedule, and even your vacation plans are ready to go, but is your fitness routine? When it comes to maintaining your health, and being an enthusiastic example to follow, there’s no one like Jenny Dean of Jenny Dean Fitness.

Jenny is a yoga instructor (and one my favorites!) who has been teaching yoga and fitness classes for almost eight years. But Jenny wasn’t always a health guru.

Before she had two children, she was a special education teacher for 10 years. Her husband and she decided that it would be best for her to stay at home with their new family and stop teaching in elementary school. But Jenny hadn’t yet found her true purpose.

I started my career as a Special Education teacher, but after having children, decided to stay home and raise my family. In the beginning, I would wake up at 5am to go to the gym to get it out of the way before anyone was awake. I knew the benefits of being a healthy mother, I knew that I had to take care of myself first then the family. It was NOT selfish. It was smart!

I’m saddened by the amount of judgement that happens today. People think if you are fit, that’s all you do, and you’re selfish.

Yoga has changed not only my body but my mind and I love it! Hot Power Vinyasa is my passion and my goal is to share all the positive benefits of what yoga can offer.

As an athlete, trainer, speaker, and motivator, Jenny has become a Master yoga instructor which means that she spends a lot of her time teaching others how to teach.

The Jenny Dean Fitness unique philosophy focuses on using both functional movements, such as her certification to teach Crossfit, along with the power of yoga for the mind and the body.

Great health and fitness need the proper balance between using up energy, “Yang,” and replenishing energy, “Yin.” Think of health as an energy reservoir. Certain activities, described as Yang, use up that energy. Other activities, referred to as Yin, recharge energy.

Neither, Yang, (depleting energy), nor, Yin, (replenishing energy), is good or bad all by itself. The balance between them is what counts. Your reservoir needs to have enough energy flow to support you throughout your life.

I’m different than most because I believe in the Yin and Yang of fitness. I believe you need both types of workouts to succeed. Most people focus on one or the other. I believe in all forms of physical, mental and spiritual facets of fitness. Once you achieve all of these, it will truly transform your body.

Jenny’s business is growing rapidly through events… Every month she hosts a YOGA COMMUNITY event in Frisco/Plano area gathering like-minded fitness-oriented people together to share a healthy experience.

Most of us are aware of what happens to the body when we exercise. We build more muscle or more stamina. We feel how daily activities like climbing stairs becomes easier if we exercise regularly. When it comes to our brain and mood though, the connection isn’t so clear.

When a class sweats together, endorphins are released causing “high” of accomplishment and positive body thoughts. Jenny Dean Fitness classes keep you wanting more so you’ll come back and continue on an upward cycle of health.

For all her at-first-glance physical perfection, Jenny understands keenly what it’s like to get started with a workout program.

When I left teaching, I had people constantly telling me their opinion of my body. The sad part is that they were some of the closest people to me. I just listened to it, absorbed it and stuck it in the back of my head. I never felt completely secure in my body, because of the noises I listened to.

Fast forward seven years later, I am in awe of the woman I’ve become. She worked her ass off for that body. She was a teacher, had a new born baby and a two year old, and still made time for herself.

Jenny Dean Fitness wants everyone to understand that fit people aren’t just doing it for the “looks.” It’s for the way you feel afterward. And, the best advice Jenny ever received? We all have the same 24 hours in a day… CHOOSE YOUR TIME WISELY!