Mary’s Mediterranean

marys mediterranean

For several years, doctors and those in the wellness profession have been espousing the virtues of eating a Mediterranean-style diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.

Frisco has several Mediterranean-themed eateries that offer great examples of foods prevalent in Mediterranean diet. Mary’s Mediterranean Café and Grill on the northwest corner of Eldorado Parkway and Dallas Parkway is one of the latest entrants into this market.

From delicious and reasonably-priced pita wrap sandwiches, which include the choice of a gyro, to chicken shawarma, falafel, chicken kabob, beef kafta, steak kabob, or a lamb kabob, Mary’s serves Mediterranean and Lebanese fresh and healthy food.

Their sandwiches can be ordered alone or as part of a combo accompanied by either a side salad or a vegetable and a drink.

Diners can also order the same dishes without bread as part of Mary’s “Fresh Meats” section of their menu. There’s also a “Meat of the Day” which includes healthy options like broiled lamb shank, fish fillet, Mary’s Chicken, or a Rosemary Baked Chicken.

Mary’s Mediterranean also offers several different platters, including a custom platter where diners can choose a meat along with one, two, or even three sides. There’s also a Mary’s Sampler featuring four sides and a meat, a veggie sampler, a falafel platter, and a Mary’s Salad Bowl.

As for your side items, there is the customary mix like couscous, tabbouleh, or a Greek salad along with the usual dips like Baba Ghanoush and hummus. Of course, Mary’s also serves tzatziki sauce, usually a yogurt-based condiment which makes the best gyros taste even better.

Mary’s creates dolmas, a meat and rice mixture wrapped in grape leaves. And of course, the usual desserts of baklava and cashew lady fingers are also on the menu.

This bastion of healthy eating has a nice, open dining room, and it’s a perfect casual spot to share a delicious and healthy meal with your family or to grab a quick meal on the go.

Ordering at Mary’s is straightforward and easy. Just walk up to a counter and place your order. Your food is then made to order and ready several minutes later.

On both of my visits to Mary’s, I ordered a gyro a la carte to go and on both occasions, I waited no longer than five minutes, so if you’re a gyro aficionado like I am, you won’t be disappointed.

The meat in their gyros has savory flavor and there’s plenty of it, and the pita bread holding this tasty choice is also quite substantial. In short, the gyros at Mary’s are filling and almost make ordering a side or a salad with them seem unnecessary. But I can say the baklava is another must-try on their menu.

With a combination of fresh food, friendly service, along with healthy and affordable options, Mary’s Mediterranean is a welcome addition to the local dining scene.