Marsha Clark – Enhancing the Pipeline of Powerful Female Leadership

Interview #24

A woman who is in full possession of her mind, who is responsible for her thoughts and actions, and who is UNAFRAID of bucking the status quo is a dangerous woman. Such a woman is a force of nature.

Marsha Clark, Founder of Marsha Clark & Associates and the POWER OF SELF program, is just such a woman. From secretary to C-Suite, let’s hear her story…

Show Notes:

0:40 – Marsha’s history with Mayor Kathy Seei
1:15 – How Marsha got started in business
1:57 – What is the POWER OF SELF program
2:42 – Marsha’s goal for all women
3:06 – What’s next for Marsha
4:34 – How does a woman sign up for the POWER OF SELF program
5:20 – What if you want to sign up, but can’t afford the program
6:53 – If you know a woman who deserves to join this program, check out the Dale Clark Scholarship Fund GIVE FOR FRISCO page

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