Love Heist Movies? Join the Story at C2E in Frisco

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Whether Las Vegas is your go-to vacation spot, or you’ve never seen the inside of a casino, you’ve probably found yourself completely wrapped up in the plot of a stick-em-up/ holdup/ heist movie at one time or another. And, no matter how many times Hollywood reorganizes this award-winning formula of suspense, trickery, and intrigue, the public always comes back for more.

Films like Oceans 11, The Italian Job or even Now You See Me are well loved by a wide variety of moviegoers, but what makes these stories so intriguing? Why do we love heist films, and why do we always find ourselves rooting for the con artists?

What Makes Heist Movies So Fun To Watch?

The truth is, even though the thieves in heist movies are technically breaking the law, they’re really combatting a greedy, sneaky enterprise, organization, or villain. While some of us may love a good game of poker, we also have a longstanding love/hate relationship with gambling establishments.

We know that casinos take millions of dollars from their visitors every day. But, when we walk through the door there’s a slim chance that we may be among of the lucky few that win a portion of that money back.

Heist movies allow us to follow fearless embezzlers as they break the rules and “pull one over” on someone who probably deserves it!

Another reason heist movies are so fun to watch is that the stakes are always high. The potential monetary takeaway is huge, the consequences of getting caught are enormous, and the conmen always encounter a few daunting obstacles along the way.

Heists don’t allow the crew to simply waltz into a safe and grab jewels or money; they usually have to enact an intricate plan that’s pinned on a mixture of skill, coincidence, and pure luck.

As a viewer, we have to watch the plan unfold at a painfully slow, suspenseful pace. By the time you reach the film’s resolution, you can practically feel the actors’ satisfaction at their massive success.

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