Lillian Welch – Vintage Decor in Old Downtown Frisco

To the annoyance of the car behind me, I was… let’s call it research cruising at about five to ten miles-an-hour on Main Street in Downtown Frisco.  Suddenly, I spotted a new sign outside Eight | 11’s west-side neighbors.  Swinging from two proud white posts it read “Lillian Welch” in beautiful teal and white perched in the front garden of No. 7074.

It appears interior design fairies had taken residence in the little blue house and brought it to life again.  Following some swift parking, I was walking up the path to see what, or whom, was inside.

Opening the French door, I entered a world of crisp white linens, magical paintings, and beautiful antiques mixed together in an artistic menagerie.  Anne Marie Lindsey, the self-professed shopkeeper, treasure seeker, and new Frisco retail resident, greeted me with the biggest smile.  Before long, conversation and chatter filled her store as I delighted in being nosey tinkering with the various treasures.

Originally from Louisiana, Anne Marie moved here when she was in eighth grade.  Lillian Welch is her great grandmother.

“She was an amazing lady,” Anne Marie recalls breaking into a wide, dreamy smile. “Married at sixteen years old in 1921, she then settled in Goldthwaite, Texas just 90 miles south west of Waco.”  

Time spent at their big ranch was filled with fond memories, where life was simple.  Feeding the cows with cousins and learning to play dominos.  “Lillian Welch was a big part of my life, and I’m so proud to be able to place her name over the door.”

Having studied Education & Instructional Design, over time Anne Marie was feeling isolated in her profession and the inner creative & artistic side was itching to come out.  Counting Joanna Gaines (she of HGTV Fixer Upper fame) as one of her sources of inspiration, Anne Marie always enjoyed buying and collecting all sorts of antiques and different items from various places.

“Since an early age, I’ve been re-creating spaces I guess.  At one point as a kid, I even moved a piano in my room because I felt it could be better placed.”

A random drive one day, accompanied by an inner voice brought her to downtown Frisco and she came upon the “For Lease” sign outside the premises.  She called the number immediately, and later that day was standing inside with the owners explaining her vision and plan.  Within weeks, it became a reality.

Besides her love of all things vintage, she is passionate about design. She had a vision of being in a place where she could inspire others and introduce them to her ideas, home furnishings, and also her love of Belle Notte, a line of easy-care, garment-dyed luxury linens of heirloom-quality that appeal to all looks.  Having noted this brand was not stocked anywhere in Frisco, it made perfect sense for her to pair the idea with her designs.

As you walk around the store, it’s so clear Anne Marie has an astounding creative eye.  Everything is carefully placed… the most beautiful tea sets, candles and candlesticks, linens, Turkish towels, vintage linoleum floor mats, mirrors, canvas art, purses, all types of furniture, and so much more.  Each piece has its own story to tell.

“I want people to drop by, be comfortable, linger a while, and feel the inspiration.  The overall experience is key at my store.  I hope they feel this place is an extension of me and my passion. Design just speaks to me.”

Anne Marie is excited to open her doors to Frisco residents, and if all goes well, has bigger ideas for the future. “I see a library wall of design books and a place where people can come sip tea, coffee or refreshments and enjoy a bit of sanctuary in a vintage setting.”

How lucky are we that Lillian Welch has opened in Frisco?  So, drop by, say hi, and revel in how Anne Marie makes everything pretty.


Tuesday 10AM – 5PM
Wednesday 10AM – 5PM
Thursday 10AM – 5PM
Friday 10AM – 5PM
Saturday 10AM – 5PM
Sunday closed
Monday closed

Downtown Frisco
7074 Main Street,  Frisco, TX  75034