Lice Lifters Frisco Treatment Center

It’s that moment you dread… An email from the school or a letter in your child’s folder with the word “Lice” staring up at you. It’s usually a warning that there has been a confirmed case in the class or school. Terrifying right?

That’s exactly what happened to Beth Kirschener a couple of years back when unfortunately, the little buggers made their way into her home.  Following use of over-the-counter pesticides, hiring a mobile service, and many painstaking hours and hundreds of dollars later, the problem was gone.

The process was not only emotionally draining, but embarrassing too, as she had to inform friends and neighbors who may need to know.

Not long after, her job of 11 years laid Beth off. So, she decided Frisco needed a specialized local service that could take the pain and stress out of dealing with this hair-raising issue.

While doing some research, she came across the Lice Lifters organization. Impressed by their thorough process, she was also particularly motivated by its nontoxic, all-natural killing agent. Fast forward a few months and the Frisco office was born!

I met Beth and her team recently on-site at their premises just off Parkwood and Stonebrook.  Upon walking through the door, you instantly feel a professional, but warm, welcome in a tastefully decorated environment.

Beth and her staff are ready to greet the whole family for a full check. Their facilities will make you feel at home. They include FREE Wi-Fi, DVD players, TV’s with family-friendly movies, snacks, and a kid’s playroom with puzzles, coloring books, and chalk boards.

While one person has the issue living in their hair, we will also do a full assessment of up to 3 more family members for free,” explains Beth.

This product is so safe, a baby can lick it,” Beth says, “whereas some over-the-counter products have the same content as RAID – the familiar killing pesticide for bugs and wasps.”

The process and products promise to kill all live activity in one treatment followed up by an expert comb-out system to remove the nits and prevent them from coming back.

To explain it layman terms, a female can lay over 200 viable eggs and their lifecycle is only a short 2 weeks. At this point, the person involved will have a total infestation which is a highly contagious situation.

Beth currently has five technicians at the Frisco office and it’s growing. They will open their second office in Southlake on June 1st with Beth’s business partner and Manager, Kim DeJarnette, at the helm.

Although not a pre-requisite, the staff all come from a background of cosmetology or hair styling. Their training includes a rigorous step by step examination. Sectioning of the hair and use of a combing technique ensures inspection of every area of the infected head. The patient is then treated using specialist tools, mouse and solution. At the end of the treatment, a second person then also checks the clients’ hair.

Following the in-house process, Lice Lifters will provide you with a thorough checklist of procedures to follow. The goal is to ensure complete elimination of lice from you home. In addition, each family takes home a company Certification for your child when returning to school.  Lice Lifters offers a free 7-day checkup and a 30-day guarantee.

Asking if lice was in any way a seasonal issue that we should worry about just in the school months, Beth was clear we need to be alert all year round.

Our kids are playing sport and attending different activities and camps through the summer months too, enjoying time with friends outside and in each other’s homes, so this can strike at any time,” Beth explains. “In particular, we see spikes and trends after the Christmas holidays and around Spring Break.”

Luckily, lice has not affected my home,  but I came away feeling relief knowing Beth and her team are nearby to help should the need arise.

Mon – Friday 9am – 5 pm.
Saturday by appointment only
Sunday and evening on-call service

You can buy products at their office including your own take away Treatment Kit.

Anyone attending Frisco ISD receives a 20% discount.

They also accept most Flex Spending and Health Savings credit cards.

Lice Lifters
7000 Parkwood Boulevard, Suite C300
Frisco, Tx 75034