Let’s get Mash’d Frisco! Time for Food, Moonshine, Life

When you want a  unique venue, savory meal, and fun drinks, what Frisco restaurant do you head to?

At Lifestyle Frisco, we’re fans of places that are unique to Frisco and show visitors that we have more than just the usual chains!

Mash’d has been around for a while now, but we got our first taste of it a few weeks ago and it’s a hit.

Before heading out, we asked everyone on Facebook if they’d been and what they thought. No restaurant is right for everyone, but a lot of people loved it, and in our experience, Mash’d gets a thumbs up.


Inside Mash’d

Interior Bar at Mash’d

Mash’d has a fun, casual atmosphere. The picnic-style wood tables and brick facade create a rustic, yet polished, environment. All those hard surfaces echo a lot of ambient sound when the restaurant is busy, but we had no trouble talking at a normal level. I wouldn’t call it “loud,” but you definitely get an atmosphere.

Mash’d has plenty of seating in the bar area as well as a nice big dining room.

Patio at Mash’d

Outside, Mash’d has a large, comfortable patio. The bar opens to the outside so you can belly up or grab one of the many tables.

While we sat inside, this is definitely a patio I want to return to enjoy when the weather cools off.

Across the board, our server was spot-on. Despite how busy they were, he impressed me with how attentive and quick he was. He was also knowledgable about the food and drinks so we felt comfortable with the recommendations we were getting.

The Food

Ribs at Mash’d

Since it was our first visit, we felt obliged to try several things from them menu (all in the name of doing this article right?).

To kick it off, we tried the “Pot of Goat,” a baked goat cheese with pink peppercorn, olive oil, oven dried tomato’s, mixed berry jalapeño marmalade, and crostini.  With a salty, savory, and sweet creamy blend, this appetizer is a great one to share if you’re with a group of friends.

For our main courses, we chose the Bootleg Ribs and Smoked Mac & Cheese. Both were excellent, but the ribs really stood out to me. They were literally falling-apart tender.

Glancing at the tables around us, everything we saw looked delicious. Portions are generous but not ridiculous.  Unfortunately, we didn’t leave room for dessert…. Unless you count the moonshine which is up next.

The Drinks

Pineapple Bomb at Mash’d

While Mash’d is a restaurant, the stars of the show are their specialty drinks. Known as “Hillbilly Mixology,”  they are various moonshine concoctions served in mason jars.

Don’t let the “moonshine” part scare you. Mixed into a variety of flavors, the drinks we tried were more subtly sweet and tangy than anything. Between us, we had the Pineapple Bomb, Moonshine Mash, and Berry Good Lemonade. All our drinks were tasty, but a bit sweet for my palette. However, the Berry Good Lemonade is definitely be a go-to on a hot summer day.

I think we’ll just have to go back and try some of the others as soon as we can!

If you’re looking for a fun place to hang out with friends, take Frisco guests, or are visiting Frisco and looking for a good place to go, Mash’d get’s a thumbs up.

Have you already been to Mash’d? What did you think?

Mash’d Frisco
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