Let Your Perfect Apartment Find You, For Free – Legacy Locators

As Frisco grows and new organizations and people move to the area week after week, the search for an ideal place to live becomes a primary focus for many individuals and families.

A vast number of people now living in North Texas are transplants and arrived as part of a job relocation opportunity with little to no experience in the area or its different communities and amenities. Meanwhile, some longtime residents may be ready for a change, an upgrade, or new construction in the area to accommodate their growing family.

In either case, there are those who find themselves needing to bridge a gap between buying and selling as they land on their forever home. In this case, an apartment may be a perfect choice.

Any kind of move, while exciting, can also bring its share of stress. Enter Legacy Locators, your one-stop-shop for all of your apartment search needs in Frisco and the North Texas region.

A 5-Star Experience from Search to Selection

Launched earlier this year, Legacy Locators aspires to support their clients beyond simply performing an apartment search. They strive to create a unique experience and provide a higher level of service than other locators. Rodney Britton, Director of Leasing explains,

We know finding a new apartment or home is a big deal and when searching for that perfect place, you deserve a 5-star service experience from beginning to end.

In this busy market, some large apartment locators are met with hundreds of inquiries every week. This brings with it the risk of a potential client becoming just another number in their database with no personal contact. Legacy Locators prides themselves on having a team of Licensed Real Estate Professionals on-hand to work with you step by step in choosing the right location and fit for your budget and lifestyle.

They cover a broad range of communities and neighborhoods in North Texas, from Dallas through Uptown and north into Frisco, each with varying amenities and features. While this offers great variety for home seekers, the search can also be overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the area.

Legacy Locators takes the time to work closely with clients, identifying every preferred detail and priority within their search to find their next home. Rodney explains,

We love what we do, and we love seeing someone’s face light up when they find the perfect place to call home, because only then do we know we have done our jobs!

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new apartment, you can recall the time that it takes to research pricing, availability, location, and amenities, all the while trying to understand legal jargon and set up viewing appointments. This, in addition to navigating your regular day-to-day life, and in many cases, a transition to a new city.

Legacy Locators’ commitment is that each agent will remain in close personal communication with the client at every stage of the search. Think of their team of professionals as personal assistants, coming alongside the client, providing a menu of options, navigating the search, and finding the right space to call home.

They’ll make all of the phone calls, set up tours and answer all questions, and more or less hand-hold their clients through the application process. To their team, it’s simply second nature to their business.

Let Your Perfect Home Find You, For Free

Right now, summer is the busiest season with most apartment communities running very aggressive specials and promotions. Legacy Locators have strong relationships with great properties in the area, as well as the inside scoop on promotional rates being offered and what’s coming onto the market. Rodney shared,

There are deals right now that include 2 months free rent and $500 gift cards… Even flat screen TVs are being given away in some cases!

Frisco, in particular, has seen an explosion of fantastic new apartment complexes with upscale features and amenities. A lot of them also provide the option of walkability for a live, work and play lifestyle.

The agents at Legacy Locators understand the pace of life these days and how much is on the plates of their clients. They want to put minds at ease and lower that pressure during this transition period of their lives.

 Our main goal main is to make the process of finding your new home super easy and fun.

The best part? It’s all FREE! No catch, no small print. Simply complete the steps on their search form and a team member will reach out on the same day with a personalized report. They’ll share floor plans, photos, and pricing from a selection of properties, as well as any associated incentives that are available.

If you’re relocating to the area, welcome! If you live here already but want to change your view, you’re already on the right track. Legacy Locators is locally owned and operated, and their locators have the knowledge to identify the best neighborhoods and properties to match your lifestyle.