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Providing in-home care services, specializing in care for seniors and those with chronic conditions, Homewatch Caregivers are highly trained to help with everyday things that are essential to health and wellness – from preparing healthy meals to bathing, medication reminders, and helping your loved one get around the house that is kept safe and clean.

Homewatch CareGivers knows that no matter your age, you deserve to be treated as an individual. When people feel heard and respected, they’re more apt to engage in their care. That makes their lives happier and healthier.

Each Homewatch caregiver undergoes multiple background checks and on-going professional training to ensure they are suited to care for your loved one. It matters that caregivers and clients are adequately matched based on a variety of factors and Homewatch takes the extra time to pair them perfectly.

Each person has unique needs and preferences. Homewatch conducts an extensive client in-take evaluation to get to know their potential clients and their simple pleasures – from favorite foods to activities to music. Wendy Raney, CEO of Homewatch CareGivers of Dallas says: 

Our care focuses on the whole person, not just their condition.With a complimentary evaluation that factors in safety, comfort, and interests, we can create a customized plan of care for your loved one.

You know your loved one’s unique wishes and what makes them happy. Homewatch Caregivers makes it their job to know that, too.”

So, Let’s Talk…

To help your loved one enjoy the gift of their years, establish a baseline of their present condition. This brings the added benefit of helping you recognize any existing needs that can be met right away. To gauge current capabilities, pay attention to:

Interactions with other people

Functional tasks

Issues you associate with “age-related decline”

Wendy says,

We carefully select our caregiver employees to ensure that they have the skills, personality, and experience to meet your loved ones’ unique needs including:  Annual training requirements assure their caregivers can address specific client needs, such as special care for those with dementia; Background checks are done prior to hiring and throughout employment; Caregivers communicate changes in the well-being and physical condition of clients for family and healthcare providers.”

Types of Home Care Services include:

Homewatch CareGivers focus on the whole person… 

… not just their condition and services include:

While the cost of using a home care company varies based on the breadth of services provided and the number of hours required, typically, hourly costs go down as the number of hours increases, and fees go up when more skill is needed or desired.

Home care is about family. When your loved one needs care beyond what you can give, you need to know they will be safe. With more than 30 years of experience, Homewatch CareGivers offers quality in-home care for the elderly and people of all ages to give you the peace of mind you need – relieving your stress and preserving your loved one’s dignity.

Homewatch CareGivers would like to get to know you better, and they’re here to help…

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