Le Ravissant – Frisco Spa Owner Embraces Her Calling

In 2005, Jennifer was working in corporate America and started experiencing skin-related issues. However, as she looked to educate herself about the origins of those issues and potential solutions, she quickly realized that she wasn’t receiving the answers she wanted and deserved, so she took it upon herself to learn about skin care.

In a flash, her life took a new direction. Stephenson left the corporate rat race, went back to school and found what she now knows is her true calling-helping others with their own skincare issues through Le Ravissant Spa, a full-service spa she runs out of her east Frisco home. Over the past decade-plus, she has built up her client base by providing a personal touch and offering superior customer service.

Le Ravissant is a business built on hard work, personalized service, and a burning desire to go the extra mile for clients… the main reasons why her spa has grown so much over the past 11 years.

I wanted to spend more one-on-one time with people. I wanted more of a personal experience.  So, I converted the home to a spa, got licensed by the state. and then started seeing clients,” Stephenson said. “I found what I was supposed to be doing and I was attracting the right clients. They really wanted to be heard and here I am 11 years later.”

Le Ravissant currently offers facials, massages, and skin resurfacing to its clients. The spa, which has the slogan “A Unique Approach to Skin Care” also sells skin care products, botanicals which are free of fillers, and are pH balanced to each client’s skin.

Since starting her spa, not only has Stephenson gained plenty of knowledge about skin care, but she has also discovered a rewarding profession which allows her to pass on that vast array of knowledge to clients experiencing issues similar to the ones she battled over a decade ago.

I think helping people [is the most rewarding thing], because I’m dealing with the skin, which is our identity. It’s who we are,” Stephenson said.

And when she sees tangible results in her clients in the form of higher self- confidence or self-esteem, that’s the part of running her own spa she finds most gratifying.

The most rewarding [thing] is when I have people that come in, whether they’re teens or adults, and they’ve been suffering from skin issues that have afflicted them and their confidence is shaken because they don’t feel comfortable with being in large crowds. They just don’t feel comfortable, and I’m able to get their skin to where it’s healthy without medication.  Their self-esteem improves, and they’re able to be more outgoing again. They’re more social again. It’s very, very rewarding,” Stephenson said.

Discovering her calling after undergoing such a shift in her life is an inspirational tale. The personal touch she provides to her clients is directly related to her ability to pay forward the immense gratitude she feels for having found her calling.

But what might be the most impressive aspect of Le Ravissant Spa is that it has five-star reviews across the board on Angie’s List, Google, and Yelp, among others. And unlike some businesses which will compensate clients for providing positive reviews on these sites, Stephenson takes great pride that each and every one of these recommendations are completely organic and have come without an ounce of solicitation on her part.

The biggest compliment someone can give you is to refer somebody to you. Instead of spending money on marketing, on advertising, I put it into other things to make my spa special and unique by doing things for my clients. I send birthday cards to my clients. I do an ‘appreciation time’ once a year where I’ll send my clients a certificate for a free facial,” Stephenson said.

So, with a thriving business that sports a robust client base and a stellar reputation of satisfied clients, what does the future hold for Le Ravissant Spa?

Well, it’s simple… EXPANSION!

Jennifer Stephenson

Next spring, Stephenson will add her son, Cody, who recently completed chiropractic school, to the fold. As her operation grows in size, she knows Le Ravissant will also outgrow her home, a change which she welcomes.

Once her son comes on board, there will also be a name change, to Health by Design Chiropractic and Wellness.  With the name change also comes a broader scope of services, but one thing won’t change… this will still be a business built on providing that personal touch to each and every one of its clients.

When we relocate, we’re going to add a nutritionist. We’ll have chiropractic massage therapy and skin care. We’ll have a yoga studio and meditation room,” Stephenson said. “Our goal is to create life paths for our clients. Clients come in and they might have one area of their life that they’re concerned about while not understanding how they [all] correlate.”

Stephenson knows the whole process of making big changes to one’s life can be a lot of things: daunting, intimidating, and seemingly impossible.  But, the primary aim of her and her staff is to help guide her clients through each and every step of that process.  With a personal touch and a big dose of empathy, Stephenson helps ease any fears her clients might have about a particular aspect of their regimen.

We’re going to hold their hand. We’re going to walk them through it,” Stephenson said. “It’s overwhelming. Some people are very overwhelmed with the things they’re challenged with in life, so we’re going to be there to support them.”

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed

11045 Lockshire Dr
Frisco, TX 75035
(469) 360-9409