Lace up with Frisco Running Club

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Training for a long run can be brutal. It requires strong self-motivation, determination, time and endurance. Saturday mornings are dedicated for months running solo while your friends are out brunching or your kid is scoring at their first soccer game. The worst part about it is you’re in it alone. At least that’s how it was when I trained for my first half marathon last year. Waking up on a Saturday morning and convincing myself I’d rather go run then continue my in-bed Breaking Bad marathon was not exactly easy. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t yet heard of the Frisco Running Club.

Frisco Running Club is a running gym located just north of Bi-Centennial Park. And it has the coaches and work out schedules that you need to reach your running goals. If you’re thinking of training for a 5K, half marathon, full marathon or just want to start to enjoy the sport of running, the Frisco running Club should be on your to do list.

Even just the website provides you with a great start with its running schedules, suggested workouts, nutrition and more without even stepping foot inside the gym or lacing up your running shoes. Short of Ryan Gosling cheering you through each mile, they have everything you need. The gym itself has free weights, indoor track and treadmills for in climate weather.

Hamlin Jones and the rest of the coaches at Frisco Running Club work with you to reach your fitness goals. When you sign up, they’ll sit and talk with you to establish where you’re at and where you want to be. It isn’t just a “let’s get together and go for a jog” type program. No, it’s a “set goals, surpass them and then set new ones” type program. The coaches aren’t just shouting encouraging words, they are building you a path to reach your goals and it’s just up to you to follow it. Workouts aren’t just running, they work on strength and building the core. You will reach your goals, but you will do it in a safe, injury free way.

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And it’s not just running regimes and lunges. The best part about the Frisco Running Club is that you aren’t alone. Getting up for a 5:30 AM run is easier when you know you have peers counting on you and friends you want to see. Finding motivation to finish that last 5 minutes of a run is fun when there is a coach there cheering you on. Having others invested and wanting to see you succeed is truly inspiring. Everyone is there for the same reason, and that is to get better. And a result, you want those around you to reach their goals as well. It’s simply a fantastic environment for cultivating greatness.

Ready to lace up and try it out? Every Monday they host a 7 PM Running Club Social that is open to all non-members and members. No matter what your mile time is, attend to learn more about the running club, what they can do to get you where you want to be and start training!

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