Faces of Frisco: Kerri Burton

Kerri Burton is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic fitness instructors I’ve met. And, when it comes to fitness classes, she is exactly the kind of instructor you want. She’ll keep you motivated and working hard the whole time. And despite the many classes she teaches, she’s right there doing the work along side you.

All that boundless energy has to come from somewhere, and in Kerri’s case, it’s pure love of what she’s doing. You can feel it for yourself when the burn starts to kick in but she’s still giving commands, checking in with the class, singing along to songs, and cranking away.
She still has enough breath to talk to us.. so let’s dig in and get to know Kerri a little better in this edition of Faces of Frisco.

Lifestyle Frisco:  Are you a native Texan? If not, where are you from? 

Kerri Burton:  I am from Boise, Idaho. I have lived in The Republic of Panama, New York, Wisconsin, and now reside in Frisco, Texas.

LsF:  It’s one thing to get serious about working out, another to teach. What got you into fitness and what made you want to be an instructor?  

KB:  Growing up in Idaho I was always active. Either backpacking in the summer or skiing in the winter, and everything in-between. I didn’t have to hit the gym to get a great workout. It wasn’t until I moved to Panama, and after having our third child, that I got serious about real exercise.

Since hiking in the jungle wasn’t ideal, and there wasn’t any snow to be seen, I was craving to get moving, be active, keep up with the kids, and get my body back in shape. So, I began completing every home workout video I could get my hands on.

I became a “graduate” of multiple programs. When I finished one, I started another. I couldn’t get enough. And, I was having so much fun! I invited friends over to workout with me and mastered the programs.

When we moved backed to the States, I joined a gym. I attended the classes offered regularly and instantly made friends. I created an informal group that would always meet up for a class, and afterwards I would lead them in a core workout.

We also began to meet up outside the gym. My friends dubbed our workouts “Kerri Tuesdays” even when we added other days of the week to meet up. I was loving every minute of it. I was planning workouts, leading, and motivating others. I knew I wanted to take it to the next level and be “legit.”

I got certified for a Group Fitness instructor, Turbokick Live, Piyo Live, Aqua Fit, Power Circuit, Body Works, Boot Camp, and CPR trained. It was awesome! When we moved to Texas, I jumped right into teaching Group X classes full time and I love having the mic on in front of the class.


LsF:  What classes do you currently instruct?

KB:  I currently teach Kickbox, Cycle, Bodyworks, Cardio Jam (hip hop), and Boot Camp.

LsF:  What gyms do you work out of?

KB:  I have classes at three LA Fitness locations: SRT-121 and Preston in Frisco, Main Street and Dallas Parkway in Frisco, and Falcon View Drive and Custer in McKinney.

LsF:  What do you most enjoy about being a fitness instructor?  

KB:  The people! When someone walks thru the door to class, they have a reason to be there. I want to learn their name, motivate them, and keep them coming back so they can reach whatever goal they have set for themselves. I enjoy helping others change and improve their lives.

I like trying to get members to laugh. Exercise can be such a stress relief, especially when adding laughter and a fun atmosphere. I believe can make a world of difference for someone’s day. I want people to be serious about the workout, get a great burn, but have fun doing it. So, I like singing to the music, cracking a few jokes, smiling and laughing, and I hope the members feel like they are in a class with friends. I believe it’s what will create comeradery and accountability with-in the class so people will return week in and week out.

LsF:  Any favorite motivational sites or resources?  

KB:  My favorite motivator is my sister, Jessi. Her website is She’s been in the fitness world since she could walk and is a wealth of knowledge. She’s written programs, books, and has launched a clothing and jewelry line. She’s always there for me and is amazing at what she does.

Other resources I use include ACE Fitness,, fitness professionals I follow on social media, and multiple other fitness websites that help me keep my classes fresh. I also come up with things while waiting to fall asleep at night.

LsF:  What kind of music do you like to work out to? 

KB:  I like all kinds of music… I just need a strong, fast beat. Mixes of hip hop, reggaetón, or alternative rock can really get me moving.

LsF:  What recommendations do you have for new spin or kickboxing students?

KB:  I recommend you always begin at your own pace, modify if needed, and talk to the instructor! If you need help setting up a bike, or if you have an injury, don’t be afraid to let us know.

I’ve added new techniques, stretches, and challenges to my classes on the spot because a participant has brought things to my attention. As an instructor, I’m there for those who come to my class and want to make sure expectations are met. I want everyone to have a positive experience so they can feel accomplished and look forward to my next class. Like I always say, “Challenge yourself, but don’t injure yourself!”

LsF:  Favorite place to go out in Frisco? 

KB:  Everywhere! There is so much to discover around here. I’ve enjoyed Manny’s, The Black Walnut, Mexican Sugar, Spring Creek BBQ, Salsa’s, and Hard 8 to name a few restaurants. There are so many delicious places it will take years to try them all!

I’ve also enjoyed walking around the Frisco Mercantile, Stonebriar Mall, and Downtown Frisco. It’s a challenge and an adventure trying to find hidden gems in a new town. And I love hearing about events, fairs, parks, and activities from those who attend my classes. I’ve begun making a list of all the suggested spots I’ve been told about and it’s getting very long!

LsF:  Favorite outdoor activities in Frisco?

KB:  I love riding bikes, swimming, throwing around the baseball, and playing at the park with my family.

LsF:  Charities you’re involved with?

KB:  I’m a volunteer leader for a young women’s group ages 12-14 years old.

LsF:  If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

KB:  Kickboxing. I absolutely love to kickbox. I have a freestanding bag in my home that fuels my energy, lets me get out my frustrations, and gives me a killer workout.

LsF:  Favorite cheat food? 

KB:  Tortilla chips and original glazed donuts. I could eat an entire party size bag of cantina-style tortilla chips in one sitting… alongside a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts! If the hot light is on, you might find me there! I’ll admit I have such a powerful sweet tooth, and no self-control when it comes to the original glazed donut!

LsF:  Where’s the best place for people to find or connect with you or learn more about taking classes with you?

KB:  I’m building a personal website,, and you can find my contact information there. Or, find me on the class schedules at the LA Fitness locations I mentioned earlier, and come to my class and introduce yourself to me!

Kerri’s Training Schedule

Mon:  9:15am Cycle – LA Fitness at SRT121 and Preston
Tues:  8:30am Kickbox – LA Fitness on Custer;  5:45pm Kickbox LA Fitness on Main Street
Wed:  8:30am Bodyworks – LA Fitness at Custer
Thurs:  9:15am Cycle – LA Fitness on Main Street;  5:45pm Bodyworks on Main Street
Fri:  8:30am Boot Camp – LA Fitness on Custer
Sat:  8:30am Bodyworks – LA Fitness on Main Street