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In America, over 50 million people live under the shadow of food insecurity. No matter where you live, there are men, women, and children that go to bed hungry every night… including right here in Frisco. Hunger has grown rapidly in America’s suburbs over the past decade creating what some refer to as a class of “SUV poor.”¹

Loss of employment, medical issues, death, and divorce are all contributing factors to the rise of families experiencing a financial crisis and individuals needing assistance.

The solution? You and me. Together, we can solve hunger in America. Downloading and using the TangoTab app is the easiest way to give back and it doesn’t cost you a penny. (Be sure to use the code FRISCO when you sign up!)

When You Eat, They Eat

TangoTab is a mobile app that works with over 100,000 restaurants around the country, connecting diners with restaurants’ empty seats. Use the app to find restaurant locations near you and simply check-in (“TangoTab It”) while at the restaurant. Each time you do this TangoTab donates the monetary cost of a meal to feed a local person in need.

To date, TangoTab has fed approximately 3.1 million people.

Every week, over 1 billion meals are served at restaurants across the United States. By using the TangoTab app, each one of those meals can, in turn, provide a nutritious meal for someone in need through partner organizations around the country.

The TangoTab Story

In 2011, Andre Angel took his kids to volunteer a food pantry no more than 2 miles away from his home. That day Andre witnessed something that he could hardly believe… Every day Americans waiting in line to collect food for themselves and their families. This eye-opening experience set him on a mission to end hunger.

Fueled by newfound passion and years of experience in business, Andre founded TangoTab as a simple way to solve a serious problem. With over 46 million Americans going to bed hungry every night, and over 1 billion meals dined out each week, the connection was clear.

TangoTab is more than just another app. It’s a socially-conscious marketplace that connects diners with restaurants’ empty seats. They’ve created dual benefits of improving restaurant performance and solving hunger. Andre shared,

We are so excited about the continuous growth TangoTab is achieving around the country. We have fed approximately 2.6 million people who are food insecure. More than 100,000 restaurants have joined the movement around the country.

Even in a thriving city like Frisco, which has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade and is considered as one of the best places to live in the country, hunger is a major issue. One in six Frisco residents is also food insecure. Over the summer, the problem intensifies. Children, who depend on meals provided or subsidized by their schools during the year, no longer have access to these meals during summer vacations.

This is when we need to band together, even more, to make sure that our youth never have to worry where their next meal is coming from.

Are you ready to TangoTab it?

Download the app to search and discover restaurants in Frisco (or wherever you may be visiting around the country).

TangoTab donates the cost of a meal to a local food organization every time you TangoTab it!

TangoTab in Frisco

Three years ago TangoTab launched their signature community engagement, Feed The City. Events occur around the country on a regular basis and have provided nearly 1 million meals as a result.

Feed The City is a community event that brings together people of all different ages and backgrounds to help feed their fellow neighbors in need. Do you want to know which Feed the City event is the biggest? That’s right… Frisco, Texas!

Every third Saturday at City Works restaurant at The Star in Frisco, hundreds of volunteers show up at 8:30 the morning to assemble sandwiches, snacks, and fruit, which are then immediately distributed to North Texas residents in need through charity partners. Before arriving,  check their schedule and know what to bring to participate.


Lifestyle Frisco’s GIVE FOR FRISCO is your one-stop-shop to find the cause that speaks to your heart, get involved locally, and give where you live! TangoTab is a participating partner and would love to have your involvement.

Download the app now (be sure to use code FRISCO when you sign up!) and join the fight against hunger.

Use the app, show your friends, and tell your family. Individually, you can fight hunger; with TangoTab we can solve it.

¹The New Face of Hunger– National Geographic Magazine