Johnny Dela Valdene – Keeping Frisco Fit at Cowboys Fit

Interview #11

Johnny Dela Valdene is an entrepreneur in the truest sense… He has never worked for anyone else. As the CEO of Cowboys Fit in The Star, Johnny is leading the charge at the first of many state of the art fitness centers being built by the Dallas Cowboys across Dallas and across the nation.

We were lucky to get his dynamic and contagious personality on camera because his most important leadership lesson is “Overcome the things you don’t like to do” and  public speaking is his.



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Show Notes:

0:27 – How Johnny started with Cowboys Fit
1:19 –  Just how big is Cowboys Fit?
1:25 –  How is Cowboys Fit different from other luxury gyms?
2:00 – What’s the “first of its kind” item in Cowboys Fit?
2:53 –  What are the future plans for Cowboys Fit?

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