Jakes Uptown – Rocking the Frisco Burger Scene

Jakes Dining Room From The Back

When my wife and I moved from Uptown back to Frisco, one of the places we missed was Jakes which makes this instantly one of my favorite Frisco “imports.”


If you’ve been living in a cave and never had a burger at Jakes, you’re in for a treat! DFW has a lot of great burger places, and Jakes is consistently tops for a good reason. Lots of choices, fresh burgers and good fries, cold beer, no compromises. This just became the go-to burger joint in Frisco, but Jakes doesn’t stop there as they have a lot of other good stuff, too. I’m not going to rattle off the whole menu, but I dare you to try the chicken fried steak sandwich. It might just change your life.


Jakes Frisco Patio

Texans love patios so let’s start there. Jakes has one of the best in Frisco. Directly across from Pizza Hut Park, the Jakes patio sports big umbrellas for shade, tables that are well-spaced out, and a casual lounge area. All on a foundation of astroturf. Seriously, astroturf! It looks cool and feels a whole lot nicer to walk on than concrete. Of course, it wouldn’t be Jakes without plenty of outdoor TVs so you don’t miss a minute of the game.

Jake’s Frisco Back Room

Inside, Jakes is gorgeous. This is definitely a place you want to come and hang out for a while. I know you didn’t expect me to say that about a burger joint but it really is. Dark wood all over, hardwood floors, soft lighting, plenty of space, comfortable seating, an expansive bar (2 bars, actually). I’m telling you… this place is just awesome.

They also keep good music playing, but don’t crank it up so much that it blows you back out the door.

Jakes is divided up into three main sections. The main dining room (with the main bar and a small seating stage), the patio, and the back room where they have another bar, more tables and more TVs. While the back room can be closed off for private events, they also have a conference room for smaller events and meetings. The conference room is decked out in shelves and books and has an elegant if  somewhat “Soprano-like” back-room feel.

I can easily see Jakes in Frisco being more than just a place to grab a burger. Happy hour anyone? Time for a meeting? Don’t want to hang out, but still jones-ing for a Jakes burger? They do carry out and online ordering is coming soon.


If you’re looking for things to do, keep an eye on the Lifestyle Frisco Events section for Jakes events. They always have something going on. Next time you’re considering a burger, drop in and say hi to Jakes Frisco, you won’t be sorry!

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