It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Beer

Summer has always been the one season that you can find time for a cold beer… sitting by the pool, grilling some burgers, or watching fireworks on the 4th of July. While these are all the expected occasions to crack open the cooler and enjoy the refreshing taste of something cool, have you thought about beer in the Christmas season?

With Christmas as the season of giving, how about a list of some local (well, Texas) breweries that are producing some lively beers to sip and share over the holidays…

SHINER Holiday Cheer

The Spoetzl Brewery has been a staple in Texas for years, founded in 1909 and located in Shiner, Texas. This brewery produces one of the states most popular  beers, Shiner Bock. However during the holiday season, they take all the smells of Christmas and put them in a bottle.

Shiner Cheer is an easy, fresh Christmas brew made with Texas peaches, pecans, and caramelized malts for a sweet Christmas flavor. This beer can be found in bottles at Market Street, Kroger, and Target. If you prefer yours on draft, belly up to the bar at The Green Gator and 3 Stacks Bar-b-Que.


A “holiday bonus” (in the form of some “green”) is something we all hope for and rarely every get. Yet, Lakewood Brewing Company makes sure that you get your bonus every year! Holiday Bonus is a porter made with chocolate and orange peels, a special dessert beer that’s easy to drink and pairs well with all the holiday food we love so much.

This limited release won the “Bronze for a Porter” in the 2015 at the New York International Beer Competition, and after drinking a few, I can see why. This is another beer that you can purchase at our local grocery stores and is also on tap at Woody’s Sport’s Bar in Frisco.


Rabbit Hole Brewing has made some interesting beers over the last few years, and they’ve been one of my favorite breweries since they opened  their doors. Located in Justin, Texas (north of the Texas Motor Speedway), the Rabbit Hole brewery is inspired by Alice In Wonderland, and their beers have been just as strange and special as the Mad Hatter himself.

Hole Lange Syne is no different and has been a sought-after beer since they first released it three years ago. Brewed with raspberries and blackberries, HLS is Belgian Golden Strong Ale with a delicate malt flavor, noble hops, and a complex combination of fruit esters and spicy phenolics derived from a Belgian yeast strain. It’s a very smooth beer that warms you up during the cold months we sometimes get here in Texas. This beer can be found in bottles at Frisco’s Market Street, Kroger, and Goody Goody, or on draft at Rudy’s Bar-b-que and Nerdvana.

RAHR & SON’S Angry Santa

Nobody wants an Angry Santa for Christmas unless it’s in a glass and made by Rahr and Son’s. Angry Santa is released this time of year on draft and in bombers for a very short period of time. This winter warmer-style English strong ale with spices and a hint of gingerbread is NOT a beer for the faint of heart with an ABV of 8%.

An Angry Santa is a hard-to-find release, but I have seen it at Market Street, so I suggest you go and grab some before you turn into an Angry Santa.


Saint Arnold Brewery is located in Houston Texas and prides itself on great craft beer. Founded in 1994 Saint Arnold has released a very large and well respected lineup of beer ,one of them being the famous Christmas Ale released every year on tap and in bottles. The 2016 batch is out now and is a little more malty than previous years but stills holds true to a great beer for the season. You can find this beer at almost every grocery store around Frisco.


Christmas would not be complete without the mention of Krampus. From legend, to movie, and now to beer. Southern Tier Brewery has made some great beers over the years and this one’s no different. Krampus is a Imperial Helles Lager with a ton of flavor and a bold amount of hops.

Krampus definitely delivers the Christmas spirit with a ABV of 9%. Krampus also has enough of a rich, dark, and malty taste to bring out its personality and can be found at Market Street in 22-ounce bottles.

RHAR & SONS Bourbon-Barrel Aged Winter Warmer

Winter Warmers are always a great choice this time of year, but it’s the aging in bourbon barrels for TEN WEEKS makes this beer a delectable classic. With hints of caramel, coconut, vanilla, and cocoa which are all followed up at the end with bourbon, you not only get a 8.5% ABV, but also an amazing beer to enjoy on cold nights. The British Lion currently has it on tap, but you can find it in 22-ounce bottles at Market Street or Total Wine.

Whichever Christmas beer you choose, please drink responsibly.  Take the time to enjoy these beers over the holidays with friends and family, because once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait ’til Santa and his elves come around again next year!