12 Places for Indoor Play in Frisco

In North Texas, we’re used to the ebb and flow of the weather, but our summer heat can be unbearable. While it’s easy to turn to indoor fast-food play places, Frisco has parents covered with a variety of open-gym play spaces where we can sit and watch our children play in a safe, clean environment comfortably indoors.

The footwork of costs, age appropriateness, and hours has been done here so that you can reap the benefits! If we missed your favorite indoor open play space, please share below in the comments!

Jungle Joe’s

Adventure Kids Playcare Frisco

The Coop in Frisco Square

EQ Kids Club

Frisco Public Library Ready to Read Railroad


Jump Zone

Little Humans Big Fun

Playstreet Museum

Play-la-Palooza Play Studio

Pump It Up

Urban Air