i9 Sports and Isaiah Rojas – Helping Kids Succeed Through Sports

We all know that Frisco is a MAJOR sports town from the pros (Texas Legends, RoughRiders, FC Dallas) to the high schools down to your neighbor’s elementary kid. The games, leagues, and practices that go with them all add up to a lot of the traffic around here.

But, what if your child want to PLAY sports, not play SPORTS? Isaiah Rojas and i9 Sports have the perfect options for junior and you.

The goal at i9 is simple… to put the FUN back in to youth sports. With leagues focused on having fun, keeping the kids safe, teaching sportsmanship, and staying convenient for time-crunched parents, i9 offers one-day-a-week programs with a practice and the game on the same day.

Isaiah has worked with i9 Sports for over three and a half years, but he has been the owner of the Frisco location since May 2016. He counts it a privilege to provide recreational youth sports leagues for kids ages 3-14, and help them achieve success through the power of sporting activities.

Growing up in a broken home, it was sports that helped shape me almost as much as anything else. It gave me mentors, friends, confidence, and a safe place to grow.

This passion stayed with me as an adult and guided my educational and career path. Graduating with my Masters in Sports Management at Cal State Long Beach, I have worked in the sports industry for over 15 years.”

On a daily basis, Isaiah’s passion for sports shines through. He personally answers emails from prospect parents, calls on new members and registered parents, and continually builds a robust, but low-pressure, sports program for Frisco. On game days, Isaiah is at the the field early to set-up the fields, greet parents, talk with coaches, and if needed, coach or officiate games.

Between Fall 2016 and Winter 2017, the i9 facility in Frisco served over 680 kids in fun-based leagues of flag-football, soccer, t-ball, and basketball. i9 Sports offers all four of these sports year ’round, with 8-10 week seasons for kids from 3 to 14.

This past fall season I watched a 4-year-old make his first basket and our 13U Football team welcome and embrace a new special needs teammate. Our kids are amazing! Every week is a new child and a new story.”

Today, the trend in youth sports is to get kids in to a specific sport early in their lives, play competitively, and try to develop into the next star. This plan is fine for High School- or College-aged kids, but young children play because they want to have fun.

It’s the #1 reason why kids play, and not having fun is the #1 reason why kids stop playing. Over-use injuries, burn-out, over-scheduling, and high-pressure sports is why 70% of our nation’s children stop playing sports before they turn 14 years old.

At i9 Sports, we focus on effort and sportsmanship because that’s all we can control on the field. The outcomes and performances are unpredictable each week, but our effort and attitude is a discipline we develop. We feel every kid deserves a positive sports experience and a chance to learn all the great things that come from playing sports.”

i9 Sports plays all year around, so the next program on the horizon is the Spring Season in Frisco and McKinney where i9 will offer flag-football, soccer, basketball, and t-ball for all kids.

The newest service is a 3-4 year old multi-sport program, which allows 3-4 year olds to play t-ball, soccer, AND football for two weeks each. This curriculum gives our young kids a taste of every sport and understand which one they like best and want to try next. It’s the perfect program for kids who are new to i9, and for parents who may not be sure which sport is best and don’t want to commit to a 8 week season.

Early Registration for Spring Season – Happening Now

All leagues are $10 off ($119-129) for the season. This price covers uniform and team equipment, so there is no fundraising needed. This deal is valid until Feb. 10th, but we continue taking registrations until April 7th. And as a special to the Lifestyle Frisco community, we want to offer an additional $10 discount when they use promo code i9life at checkout!


So, if you want you children to learn sports without the stress, contact Isaiah Rojas and check out i9 Sports!