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The faint sound of a lock clicking into place jolts you back to reality. You begin to take in the details of your surroundings, finding yourself in a seemingly abandoned cabin with six or seven other people. As you listen in to your companions’ conversations, you start to remember…

How you ended up here.

You took a weekend road trip and ended up using a good old-fashioned paper map to find your way back home. While carefully navigating your way through the back roads of East Texas, you stumbled upon a lone gas station on the side of the road.

This small one-pump station backed up to a dark, densely wooded forest that seemed to stretch on for miles. You were suspiciously eyeing the rickety old building with a paper “We’re Open!” sign hanging in the dusty window when you heard the familiar ding from your car that meant the fuel light had just turned on.

With no way of knowing how long it would be before you came to another town, you pulled into the parking lot and stepped out to fill up the tank. While pumping gas, you overheard the attendant talking to another traveler inside of the store.

Yeah, there’s a cabin about ten miles back into the forest. They say it belonged to Sam Bass at one time… I’ve even heard that he hid a big piece of that $60,000 somewhere inside. People always love to come to town around this time of year for Halloween. They must think it’s haunted or something because most of the folks who go out there looking for the money don’t ever come back.”

Your first thought is to get back on the road and as far away from this eerie little truck stop as possible. Then your mind turns to the possibility of all the cash that could be sitting unguarded just a few miles away.

Sam Bass is long dead, so any money or valuables left in his cabin could be yours for the taking! And stories of people disappearing the in the forest could be chalked up to nothing more than small-town gossip.

Back in the one-room cabin

You realize just how risky your decision to come treasure-hunting may have been. It seems you weren’t the only person looking for a little extra cash, but now you’re all stuck in a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Not only are you miles from the security of that once-daunting gas station, but you also left your car there too, opting to walk down the narrow dirt path leading into the tree line. The hike had taken you most of the afternoon, and the pitch black view out of a small window to your left tells you that it’s probably too dark to find your way back to the main road.

You look down at your watch just as it turns to 11:00. Only one more hour until it’s officially Halloween. Great.

You and the others in the room all come to the same conclusion. With the door locked behind you and no other way out, there’s nothing left to do but search for the money.

Some of your companions say they heard that man at the gas station say that looters come to the cabin every Halloween night at midnight, trying and failing every time to find Sam Bass’ old treasure. As you glance at your watch again, time seems to be ticking away faster than usual.

You know you have to find that money, and a way out, before midnight arrives and brings a group of angry treasure hunters right along with it!

Wondering What Happens Next?

At Countdown2Escape, it’s up to you!

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