5 Ways To Stay Cool In A Frisco Summer

When I first moved here from Michigan I wasn’t prepared for how hot the summers could be . Of course anything over 75 felt hot to me but numerous days over 100? I needed to find a way to cool off . Well here we are again and even though it hasn’t been the hottest summer we have had ( yet) It is still hot outside. So great citizens of Frisco , here are some fun ways to cool down this summer.

Rough Riders Lazy River

Dr. Pepper field has been a great attraction in Frisco over the last few years. Home of the RoughRiders and one of the best priced sporting tickets in town, it is now home of the “Choctaw Lazy River”. A  3,000-square-foot lazy river beyond right field is not only fun for the family but a great way to cool down while watching some baseball. The river spans nearly 175 feet from end to end with  a depth of 3 feet. For the 2016 season you can also purchase a “Pool Party ” pass for Thursday’s. With Fox, TMZ, and USA today having coverage of this unique addition to baseball, this is a fun way to cool off.

The Frisco Snow Cone Lady

Since 1983 The Snow Cone Lady has been a sought after spot for not only residents of Frisco, but friends and family from out of town and Texans all over.  Every year people wait for the announcement of opening day and the lines prove that these snow cones are the best around.

A simple cool treat for the whole family and I can tell you first hand that taking a family of 5 out for a treat can be costly, but taking them to The Snow Cone Lady is just as good (if not better) and it can be as little as $10. With over 52 different flavors like ” Watermelon, Tigers Blood or White Hawaiian, you can find something for everyone. Some people might think the lines are the worse part, but to me it’s when the last day of the season rolls around.

Frisco Water Park

Dealing with a summer in Frisco can be a bare at times, but nice cool water always helps. What it is even better is nice cool water after climbing stairs. At the Frisco Water Park they offer a variety of ways to stay cool and still be active. “The Preston Plunge” is just one example of the many attractions they have for you. With four tubes to race down you can jump in and take the cool refreshing trip.

Not a fan of climbing stairs in the heat? Not a problem, try the “Lazy River” and float down the winding cool river watching everyone else work hard. The Frisco Water Park also has some attractions for the little or younger ones. “The Fort” is a multi-level water playground with three slides and 85 spray features. It also includes a giant dump bucket just waiting to drop on you and give you a shower.  If you want a little faster pace cool down , check out ‘The Pipeline’ a fully enclosed  slide that is anything but slow.

Cinemark Frisco Square

Not all cool down events have to be about water, going to the movies on a afternoon for a few hours can be a relaxing fun way to stay out of the sun. Cinemark in Frisco Square not only has the latest releases but during the Summer has some very cool events. Check out one of the classic films like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” or celebrate the 30th anniversary of Labyrinth starting the late David Bowie.  They also offer the “Summer Movie Clubhouse” which is  inexpensive way to entertain your kids.  Only $5 for ten movies or a $1 per show!

The Pool

Simple, traditional and easy. If you have your own, live in a neighborhood or have a friend that owns one, the pool is a easy way to stay cool. Packing up some bottled water, fresh fruit or your favorite adult beverage (in a plastic container for safety of course) is a simple, inexpensive way to go and relax , get a tan and stay cool. Make a pool date with some friends and let the kids tire themselves out or make a adult pool trip and enjoy the water and some peaceful summer moments.