How to Sell Your House in 24 Hours

You’ve made one of those milestone decisions in life — to sell your house.

With new residents moving to Frisco all the time, and existing residents seeking to upgrade to their dream home, the demand for great homes is high. But how do you make your house stand out from the rest?

In a conversation with Allyson Mendell (Business Development Executive and Realtor) and Amanda Varvel (Professional Stager) from The Cheney Group, they provided tips and key advice to clinching that sale in just 24 hours!

Is it really possible to sell a house in just 24 hours?

The Cheney Group recently had a listing that sold the first day it was on the market. They commend their client for heeding the advice of their realtor and preparing well for showings.

Paying careful attention to detail and executing a simple plan to enhance your home will achieve maximum impact at viewings and really appeal to prospective buyers.

Amanda advises, “This is the time when you need to see the house not so much as ‘your home’ but a product that you need to sell. So much can be done at very little expense. Decorating is very much personal taste, but staging is larger and appeals to the masses.”

Professional photos are a must and can make all the difference, paying special attention to special features of the house. Here’s how you can prepare for picture day and the showings thereafter.

First Impressions Begin Outside

When that potential buyer drives up for a first viewing they want to see a well-kept front lawn and bedding. First impressions are everything. It also sets the scene for how well the inside of the home has been maintained and cared for. Even potential buyers passing by in between showings will take notice.

Set the Tone

The Interior Entryway

Upon walking through the front door you want to capture the buyer’s attention, helping them to imagine that this house could be “the one” — their new home. Take the time to stand in your front entryway and look around at what you can see from that position.

Decor and Function

Although you may have made small tweaks in rooms to suit your family, it’s vital to show how each area should be used. While certain décor items might appeal to you, not everyone has the same perspective and they should be able to see how they could work the space to suit their family and lifestyle.

The house must speak to prospective buyers as a home with function, but also as a blank canvas that they can adapt and visualize to their own style.

“One person’s dream décor is another person’s nightmare” Amanda emphasizes. “So again, remember you’re selling a product.”

Room by Room Guide

Living Spaces

As you move through the house go room by room making a checklist of what needs to be addressed.


The kitchen is often the space where everyone hangs out and spends a lot of family time. It’s the hub of the house and sometimes considered a deal breaker if it just doesn’t appeal or work to buyer’s preferences.


Simple tidying and organizing of the closets can create a feeling of space but also indicates how well you took care of your home. Take time to sort and decide what you can do without while the house is on the market.


If renting a small storage unit is not within your budget boxes are ok to be seen stacked neatly in the garage but not too much as to take away a prospective buyer’s sense of space for accommodating vehicles.

Pro Tip

Very often new or prospective residents post on social media groups asking for input about neighborhoods, school zones, and their experiences living in Frisco. You can save a potential home buyer time by displaying information on a living room coffee table or kitchen island about the amenities and advantages of living in that community, as only your experience knows.

The decision to sell your home can be very emotional so work closely with your realtor and take all advice as they set the right expectations for you. Be realistic about pricing and trust they are the experts offering you sound tips and market analysis of how your home compares with others in the neighborhood. Let them become your best friend and guide as you navigate the selling process together.

“In Frisco, there are so many new build homes and exciting plans to choose from,” Allyson explains. “Now with the arrival of mixed-use developments to the area we’re seeing the competition change and increase even more.”

The Cheney Group has a great team of experts and suite of services ready to walk alongside you for a positive selling experience.