How To Pick The Right Flooring for Your Frisco Home

In interior design, we tend to notice things at eye-level first… paintings, a great chandelier, vibrant wallpaper, or luxurious curtains. But considering what’s under your feet can make or break the design of your room.

With dozens of flooring options available, each one has its own unique advantages depending on the situation. Choosing the right floor for your home is incredibly important because it anchors your room and sets the mood for the whole space. Here’s what you need to know about flooring options for your Frisco home….


Wood floors are a classic choice, and they create a warm, inviting base on which to build a room in just about any decorative style. They can range from ultra-shiny and modern to made from antique, reclaimed boards depending on the look you’re going for. Hardwood wears well when properly cared for, though it’s best for dry areas — usually not a finished basement or bathroom. Alternatives to wood with a similar look include cork, bamboo, and laminate.



Tile is another time-tested classic for floors, and you can choose from a nearly endless variety of colors and sizes. Glazed ceramic is an inexpensive choice, while terra cotta, porcelain, and other materials are also widely available. Tile is a waterproof flooring option that’s great for kitchens and baths, but unless done thoughtfully, can feel sterile or cold in a living or dining room.



Natural stone is an on-trend option that allows you to bring the look of the great outdoors into your home. It can add rustic appeal to an entryway, provide texture in an otherwise pared-down design, or add luster with high polished shine for formality. Popular natural stone choices include slate, sandstone, and marble, though we’ve had fun using a whole range of river rocks and stack stone for unique looks in bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, or pool areas.



This is an ultra-modern choice for loft spaces and homes desiring to communicate a sleek, minimalist, industrial or refined rustic design. It’s a great choice for pairing with radiant floor heating since it can tend to be cool. Concrete can be tinted, texturized, or epoxied to a high-gloss finish. It can even be scored to resemble tile patterns! It’s a popular choice in Dallas commercial spaces because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to finish a large area. Concrete isn’t the most livable surface for kids and pets without area rugs due to being hard and slick, and it’s strictly a first-floor-only selection due to its weight.



At the other end of the spectrum from concrete, we have carpeting. Wall-to-wall carpeting has fallen out of favor with many designers in the past decade or so, but there’s simply no better choice when comfort is key. It can be difficult to keep clean in high-traffic areas, but it feels wonderful underfoot in the bedroom and is an inexpensive way to cover a large area where kids will often be on the floor.

Of course, you can always choose more than one type of flooring for your home! A professional interior designer can provide expert advice on how to combine different materials and still achieve a cohesive feel throughout your home.

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we have access to numerous materials that consumers and home stores just don’t carry, and we love working with Frisco homeowners and businesses on their flooring, and entire space, designs. Let us know if you’re looking for an experienced and imaginative interior design firm and demand the best to transform your home or corporate setting.