How to Pick the Perfect Colors for Your Home

color fabrics

One of the most frequent questions I get from my interior design clients is,“How do I choose the right color scheme for my design?” They know they’d be happier surrounded by the hues they love, instead of “Builder Beige” walls and all brown furnishings, but often they don’t know where to start. I invite you to depart from the land of beige and brown and into your personal color palette!

If you’re worried about making a mistake, or just in need of a starting point, here are some key questions to consider when tackling color:

What’s the Purpose of Your Space?

Interior colors create a mood for each room, so think about the desired feeling you have for each space. For high-energy areas such as playrooms, kitchen, and certain office lobbies, a bright color can be a great pick-me-up. For restful bedrooms or office spaces requiring more reverence and peace, choosing a more muted palette will entice relaxation.

Do You Have Pets or Children?

Of course you love your Mini-Mes and your furry friends, but kids and pets can present challenges in your design. For common areas that will be lived in regularly, avoiding white and other light colors may be wisest (unless they’re treated for stain resistance).  Choose fabrics that are darker and will mask daily crumbs and spills. Several Crypton Fabrics prevent staining and allow lighter colored upholstery to appear more prominently in the design plan. These fabrics are particularly helpful in commercial spaces with high traffic.

For pets that shed, choose colors that blend with their hair so you don’t have to break out the DustBuster twice a day. That means no dark furniture for light-colored pets, and vice versa. A bold, multicolored pattern for your rug or upholstery can mask stains while creating a great focal point for the room.

What Size Is Your Space — and Do You Like It?

Color can change your perception of space, so think about the size of your room as you consider a color story. Believe it or not, it’s not how light or dark a color is that’s important. Instead, it’s whether the shade is warm or cool. If you want your room to feel bigger, choose cool colors such as aqua blue or sage green for the walls. If you want to make that great room cozier, warm it up with shades that have yellow or red undertones.

What Colors Do You Love Already?

Choosing a color palette for your home is also about your own taste and sense of style. If clients have difficulty verbalizing their preferences, I often visit their closet to get a sense of their wardrobe, look at their landscaping, or their corporate logo to see which colors they already love. You can also think about rooms you admire in magazines or favorite works of art as a starting point.

Want More Color Inspiration?

Working with a professional interior designer to help you come up with new and unexpected color combinations will incorporate your favorites in exciting ways you may never have imagined. We also have access to a greater range of fabrics, textures, and furniture which can make a more personalized starting point for designing your own unique color scheme.

If you’d like a one-on-one consultation to get your perfect color palette and interior design project rolling, we’d love to hear from you. You can view our Nicole Arnold Interiors design portfolio on our website and reach us there.