How to Master the Master Closet

One of the most exciting rooms in the house to redesign is the master bedroom. It’s your retreat, your oasis, your sanctuary. But in all the enthusiasm, don’t forget about the closet!

Often hidden from public view when you close the doors, I believe a beautiful closet is the ultimate luxury because it’s an investment in you. You use your closet every day, so it should be a pleasure.

When I design a master closet space, I always have two major goals:

While at its core, your closet is all about keeping your clothing and accessories nicely organized, but within that system, you can choose the colors and styles that you love best for a well-designed space.

Designing an Organized Closet

Ideally, your master closet will be a walk-in with room and used as a small dressing room. If your current closet isn’t up to snuff, you may be able to expand it with a professional remodel to gain some space. Once your walls are in place, here’s how to configure a closet:

Making Your Closet Gorgeous

Once you’ve worked with a designer to get the “bones” of your closet right, it’s time for the fun part… decorating! I often recommend that clients go just a step bolder than they might in a public area of their house, since they don’t need to share the design with anyone. Here are some of my favorite “extras” to take your master closet to the next level:

Not sure how to get started on designing a master closet? Work with a professional designer!

At Nicole Arnold Interiors we offer on-site consultations and the chance to get immediate feedback and insight into your ideal home interior.