How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan in Frisco

It’s the floor plan that everybody wants — a wide open space to create your own unique living design. But how exactly do you decorate an open floor plan? It can be a daunting task if you don’t have a plan.

Don’t fret! I’ve compiled some useful tips to help you create the open living space you’ve always dreamed of.

Divide It Up

Don’t know where to start? Try creating a sense of division by incorporating room dividers. From folding screens and a “wall” of plants to open bookshelves, consoles or objects d’art, there’s a room divider to fit your home’s needs. There are many styles of screens on the market to suit any taste — intricately carved wood, Asian inspirations, and rice paper are popular options.

More permanent options are ceiling mounted screens, but remember you’re then locked in to the style and room design you choose. For a light and airy take on room division, consider installing drapery from the ceiling. Open bookshelves are also great room dividers, and allow you to add extra storage and display space, as well. 

Choose Bold Lighting

To define different spaces in your room, statement lighting is a great option. Large pendants look fabulous over larger pieces, like a broad table. Or, call attention to a reading nook or home office with an over-arching pendant lamp. I love to use light fixtures to bring a new texture or finish into the space. This technique adds depth and interest to your open floor plan.

Create Your Own Themed Spaces

With a wide open space, you have a plethora of options to create distinct areas that make sense for your lifestyle. Use a desk and stool, for example, to define a home office space.

Love to curl up with a good book? Create your own cozy nook with your favorite chair, a desk lamp and plush rug. From a mini library or music-spinning corner, to an Art Deco bar cart with all the bells and whistles, use your interests to define your space.

Think Outside the Box with Furniture

If you’d rather not incorporate a room divider, consider using furniture to “zone” your open space. Position a sectional in the middle of your space with plush seats and ottomans on the opposite side. This layout creates a defined space for relaxation and conversation.

Need a dual purpose area? Position a smaller sofa and coffee table atop a rug in another part of the room for a cozy TV viewing space.

Unify with Color

There’s nothing worse that disjointed home design in an open space. Luckily, color is a low-cost and effective way to unify the spaces you create within your open area. Opt for the same tone of paint throughout the entire space to bring a sense of unity to the smaller spaces you define.

Also, consider decorating with the same colors and accent tones throughout the area. You’ll create a better flow within the space — with the added bonus of making the area feel even larger.

Balance Your Space

It’s easy for large pieces of furniture to become the focal point of an open floor plan, which can lead to other interesting areas of your space being overlooked or feeling unbalanced. I like to create symmetry in the space by making sure large pieces of furniture are positioned in alignment.

Have a large sofa and table? Mirror that footprint on the other side of your open space with a large dining table and chairs. Then, supplement the space with smaller pieces of furniture and accessories. You can also mimic this effect with two conversation areas of furniture and accessories. The key is to make sure your space feels balanced and cohesive.

Decorating an open floor plan is all about incorporating your personal home design style and making the space work for your life and your family. I hope these tips help you take the first step in making your open space your own.

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