How to Navigate Buying or Selling a Business? Transworld Business Advisors

In today’s economy, more people looking to buy and sell businesses than ever before. Yet, when a company owner wants to sell their business, they can’t just stick a for sale sign in the window. They need the assistance of a business broker to locate and vet potential buyers. On the other side, buyers rarely know where to look or how to analyze what could be the right (or wrong) business for them.

Enter Transworld Business Advisors – a solution for both scenarios by facilitating the process of evaluating potential businesses and franchises for sale.

Tiffany Swartz and David Cheek

Located in McKinney, but with a large base of clients in Frisco, Tiffany Swartz, CEO, and David Cheek, President, are experienced business owners themselves. Both have backgrounds in the financial services industry and have owned franchises and other business. Their in-the-trenches knowledge is a calling to help others buy and sell businesses.

Tiffany says,

We are business brokers. Meaning, we help current owners who are interested in selling their business. After the initial meeting with the owner, where we gather important information like why he/she wants to sell, how long they’ve been in business, what does the financial Profit & Loss Statement look like, etc., we professionally value the business.

We then package it and market it throughout the Transworld Business Advisor network of over 230 franchises nationwide, as well as over 165 websites worldwide. We also represent those entrepreneurs who are interested in buying a business, including franchises, as we represent over 360 franchises of all sizes and budgets.”

Transworld Business Advisors is the largest brokerage in the U.S.A. and has been in business for over 35 years, but what differentiates them from their competitors are:

  1. Transworld markets businesses on more than 165 websites vs. most of their competitors market on only 1 or 2.
  2. The Transworld office owned by Ms. Swartz collaborates extensively with the other TBA offices across the country.
  3. Transworld will co-broke with any broker, and most do not.
  4. The Transworld team of North DFW is an organization of four:  Tiffany, David, and two administrators, not just one broker like most of the other companies in their space. In addition, this Transworld team has five salespeople… All actively working for you.
  5. Transworld has a physical office to meet with buyers and sellers, whereas most of their competition works out of the trunk of their car.

This fall, Transworld of North DFW will begin hosting educational seminars on such topics as “How to Sell Your Business” and “How to Buy a Franchise.” Plus, being Corporate Partners with the Texas Legends, Transworld has many activities planned for clients and prospects when the basketball season starts in late October.

Transworld’s three most recent business closings were:

If you’re specifically in the market to buy a business, just a few of the over fifty businesses Transworld has for sale include a very successful AAA-approved, nine-vehicle Towing Company, a large Go-Cart Racing business, an award-winning Collections agency in Plano, and a number of franchise resales.

In just a few weeks, Transworld Business Advisors of North DFW will host their first seminar this fall is at Collin College in Frisco on September 14th from 8:30-Noon, Business Insights – Successfully Buying and Selling a Business.” This seminar will be delivered in conjunction with BB&T Bank, Haiman Hogue Law Firm, and Capital International Advisors.

For the team at Transworld North DFW, whether you’re buying or selling, it’s of the utmost importance to properly structure the business. Let Transworld help make your entrepreneurial dreams come true with expertise, guidance, and sound business practices.