How Modern Dental Developments Affect YOU!

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Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “it’s like pulling teeth,” an idiom commonly used to refer to something difficult or painful. While dental care may have been pretty daunting (and possibly painful) in the past, recent technological and medical advancements are completely changing the game.

It’s time to say goodbye to pain and discomfort and say hello to the joys of modern dentistry.

How Can My Dentist Help Lower My Exposure to Radiation?

Throughout the course of our lives, we will inevitably be exposed to some level of radiation. From ultrasound scans to air travel, we need to understand when we are exposed to radiation, how much radiation is hazardous, and how we can take steps to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Dentists are just one of the many medical professionals who conduct X-rays on a regular basis. These screenings help to detect cavities, identify structural abnormalities, and protect the overall health of our teeth and jaw.

With patient health in mind, dentists everywhere are turning to a new type of X-ray gun that emits nearly 80% less radiation than its predecessors.

These guns also help technicians and dentists capture clear images the first time around without clunky machinery.

Why Do Dentists Use Light to Seal Dental Treatment?

If you’ve ever had a cavity filled, you’ve probably noticed the strange blue light your dentist shines on the filling to harden it. Without curing, dental fillings remain soft and malleable defeating the purpose of filling a cavity in the first place.

The introduction of high-powered LED lights to harden resin composites has radically changed the dental industry since the turn of the century.

In the early 20th century, resin-based composites were hard to regulate and set effectively. The introduction of light curing allowed dentists to control how quickly the resin fillings set, but LED light curing has further improved the process.

Modern LED lights are stronger and faster than the halogen and UV versions that came before them. The convenience of rechargeable batteries makes these devices easy to use and store. They’re also more compact and lightweight than older lights so patients can receive dental treatments from the comfort of just one chair.

How Does Sonic Energy Break Down Plaque?

Great dental care goes far beyond the dentist’s chair. While regular exams and cleanings are critical for oral health, we must work every day to maintain a healthy mouth from home too.

Practicing good oral hygiene doesn’t have to be painstaking or complicated. In fact, taking the next step towards a healthy mouth can be as simple as switching out your toothbrush!

First produced in the 1900s, the “sonic” toothbrush is a relatively new type of electric brush that uses multiple cleansing techniques to help your smile sparkle for years to come.

First and foremost, the sonic brush implements conventional tooth scrubbing to remove plaque and buildup. The unique spinning pattern also helps to break down dental plaque in areas beyond where the bristles actually make contact with your teeth.

This secondary cleaning requires brush speeds that reach or surpass the sonic range, meaning that electric brushes operating below this threshold don’t qualify as sonic. Sonic speeds agitate the fluid in our mouths, cleaning buildup off of surfaces that we can’t reach with the bristles of our toothbrush.

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