Healthy Dishes Served Sunny Side UP at UP Inspired Kitchen

Short Rib Bowl

“Where Do You Want to Eat?” While it seems innocent enough, we all know how complicated a question like this can be. Before going out to eat, you’re faced with the task of choosing a restaurant where everyone likes the food, but you’d also prefer to eat somewhere that’s at least relatively healthy.

If you’ve ever found yourself torn between delicious and health-conscious, UP Inspired Kitchen has come to Frisco to give you the best of both worlds.

What’s UP at UP Inspired Kitchen

Mike and his wife Rae wanted to bring clean eating and good vibes to their local community. After partnering up with Debi Morelli-Matzke, the team spent three years working towards making this dream a reality. Longtime restaurant operator, Mike explains that he and Rae,

… dreamed of building a concept that embraced clean eating, offered real value, and would allow operators like me to be home with their kids and family in the evening. Rae was also passionate about putting good vibes into the communities we served.”

Together, the team found the perfect solution with UP Inspired Kitchen’s quick-serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu. Diners can enjoy a variety of dishes from an Acai Love bowl to the “cheat day” Short Rib Grilled Cheese.

Limitless Latte

Another great feature is UP’s variety of coffee and tea beverages. The restaurant currently serves freshly-brewed Bullet and Limitless coffees, along with an array of herbal teas. Mike says that UP is looking to expand its coffee business in the upcoming months, so look out for even more morning coffee options you can feel good about!

Living It UP

UP Inspired Kitchen uses as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible, and they make every dish from scratch. But don’t worry… this dedication to freshness doesn’t slow them down.

At UP, customers can enjoy healthier versions of their breakfast or lunch favorites in a fast-casual dining environment. They even offer take-out so you can stay healthy and happy on the go.

Along with their promise to use fresh, unprocessed ingredients, Mike says the UP team cares for every diner by offering “gluten-free, paleo and Whole 30 friendly dishes.” Looking to the future, the team plans to expand their menu, bringing in some new vegan-friendly options as well.

Burrata Toast

What Comes Next?

For Fall, the UP team has rolled out a variety of tasty toast dishes, such as the Burrata Toast that’s topped with heirloom tomatoes, burrata cheese, fennel, Tahini pesto, and fresh basil.

Another cold weather favorite is UP’s homemade bone broth, which is made in-house using bones from the nearby K Bar K Ranch. Guests can order this healthy broth as an entree or a smaller side to accompany any meal.

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Sammie and biscuits and gravy

Fuel UP with breakfast and lunch catering services that are sure to please at your next meeting or party. Or you can book a private event for up to 100 guests! UP Inspired Kitchen offers completely flexible options for private events, which can be held at the restaurant after 3 p.m. Rae says,

We’ve hosted beautiful bridal and baby showers and plan to host a number of holiday events this year as well. Dates are going fast, so call today to book!”

If you’re looking to try delicious food that’s both healthy and affordable, visit Mike, Rae, and Debi to see how they live life on the sunny side at UP Inspired Kitchen.