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Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

* Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

In life, you realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you; some will use you; some will love you, and some will teach you lessons. Nicole Lynn, founder and principal at Decluttered Spaces is one who will teach you.

Nicole Lynn

Nicole started Decluttered Spaces in May 2013 to help people organize their homes and offices, thereby living happier lives with less stress. Today, she creates simplified internal systems, offers training classes for small businesses, and consults in a private, online community.

She organizes on-site for clients, rolls up her sleeves, and gets things in order. Nicole Lynn is a National Award Winning Speaker on the topic of Domestic Violence and the impact it has on children, was awarded the prestigious Frisco Texas Chamber of Commerce Solopreneur of the Year for 2015, and is the best-selling author of the “Decluttering Your Life” Series. She serves on a special committee of W.E.B., Women Enhancing Business, and always encourages her clients to support local charities through donations of items when possible.

I am a professional organizer. I help people with their spaces that aren’t working for them. Whether they are

  • cluttered and need to be “Decluttered,”
  • need some tweaking to get the space working perfectly,
  • need ideas and the know-how to set up a space from scratch, or
  • are in transition and need to make temporary solutions for a space.

I always joke I was a natural born organizer. Literally, I’ve been organized my entire life.”

Nicole first realized she wasn’t like other women when she nannied in her early 20’s. She would straighten all the kids’ areas in which she worked. Mothers would come over for play dates and wanted to know who organized the space, so she would end up going to their house on the weekends and straightening their children’s spaces – closets, toy rooms, and even kitchens.

As she matured, she began organizing for her friends and family during nights and weekends for extra money, a good meal, and/or wine. The first name she officially gave to the company was “S.H.O.U.L.D. Change.” An acronym for…

… with the tagline, “When you know you should change, but don’t know how or when to start.”

Nicole thought the company name was perfect, but her market either loved it or hated it. Some people felt it was Nicole “telling them what to do.” So, she changed the name to Decluttered Spaces in January 2015.

Nicole’s differentiator from other organizers is that she first listens to what the client says they need and observes how they use their spaces.

I don’t believe there is only one solution for spaces. I like to shop in people’s home first. Sometimes people already have the tools to be organized, and they just need to be reworked. Also, I don’t require a minimum of time to work with me. If someone can only squeeze in a couple of hours here and there, I’m fine with that and happy to help.”

At an initial consultation (only $50) with Nicole, she won’t just look at a room and tell the client an immediate price estimate. She takes the time to walk around the space with the client and talk with them about their space needs, desires, what’s not working, what is working, etc. By the time the consultation concludes, Nicole has shared exactly what their space needs and if the client wants to do it themselves, she will email the plan of action to them. If they want Nicole to execute the plan, she charges $60 per hour of work.

With back-to-school season, a lot of children have just left for college or just completed college and have begun their own lives. This change opens up a perfect opportunity for a new craft room, reading room, home-office, or wine room. Nicole helps fill the “empty nest syndrome” with a fun new room that works for the homeowners.

Nicole also works with a large number of entrepreneurs/solopreneurs who are not only setting up a home office, creating systems to run the business effectively, but are also having to work at business development and sales. When Nicole works with these clients, she helps with how to organize the business cards, the contacts, the paper calendar/electronic calendar, the emails, etc.

But she also loves helping entrepreneurs with their networking. With more than seven years of networking training in one of the worlds largest networking organizations, Nicole has been working with so many clients she decided to add group-training classes to her portfolio of services this fall.

Decluttered Spaces latest project is a partnership with Denise Karas of Karas Care Advocates to help people sell their unwanted items through an online estate sale platform. We both had the same challenge when one of our clients needed to sell a house full of high-quality items. The online auction keeps people from traipsing through their homes, simplifies the process, and causes less disruption in daily life for the family.

So, what’s next for Nicole and Decluttered Spaces? This fall she will be starting her networking classes, a monthly enewsletter, and a blog on her newly designed website. And, it’s not too early to begin thinking about the end of the year time commitments!

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I really hope that living a simpler life will become the trend in organizing. I’m not just referencing owning less, but also filling your calendar less. There are a lot of times when I am working with clients, particularly those with children, and the kids’ calendars are packed. The parents’ calendars are packed, and they wonder why they don’t have time to get organized and stay organized.”

Nicole believes firmly in creating spaces that work for you. This belief is imperative to create harmony in your spaces. Let Nicole, your Harmonizing Specialist, declutter your space, change the way you use your space, and make HOME a place you want to be.