Happy 113th Birthday, Frisco!

On Sunday, February 15, 2015 the Frisco Heritage Center will be celebrating the city of Frisco’s 113th birthday.

There are a series of activities planned at the Heritage Center, which will be open, with free admission, on Sunday from 1 – 4pm for the celebration.

A Little Frisco History

The City was founded in 1902 when the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway was built. Originally named “Frisco City” the name was later shortened to “Frisco.” So yes, there is a loose connection between how we got our name and the city of San Francisco.

Get a little more Frisco history here or by visiting with the Heritage foundation on the occasion of our city’s 113th birthday.

Frisco has experienced a growth in explosion in the last 15 years and is approaching 150,000 residents. The Frisco population was 332 in 1910 and reached 35,000 by 2000.