Go Beyond Traditional Workouts with BEYOND Pilates Studio

Most people start each new year with the same resolution – to get fit or exercise more. Then daily life starts up again, and by the time Spring Break rolls around all motivation is lost.

It’s hard enough trying to fit a workout into your already full schedule, but you may have even more difficulty finding the inspiration to exercise in a large gym or outdoor setting. Maybe you don’t like the chaotic environment, or maybe you just aren’t sure exactly how to get the results you want.

Don’t let your aversion to monthly gym memberships stop you from reaching your goals. Leave traditional workouts behind and start fresh with an energizing class at BEYOND Pilates Studio!

The Birth of BEYOND

In 2010, the first BEYOND studio opened in the heart of Dallas. Rather than sticking to typical pilates exercises, the creators of BEYOND decided to shake things up with exhilarating music, fitness techniques from multiple disciplines, and a custom-built pilates reformer.

Not only did the studio gain a cult following almost immediately, their new style of workout also revolutionized the world of reformer pilates. Beth Crain was one of BEYOND’s biggest fans from the beginning.

After attending classes for years while working a 9-to-5 job, Beth decided she wanted to bring the BEYOND lifestyle to her fellow Frisco residents. She says,

I knew Frisco was the perfect spot for BEYOND because the city is full of health-focused families and in close proximity to  thousands of professionals working nearby in Frisco and at Legacy West. “

What makes BEYOND different from a traditional Pilates studio?

First and foremost, BEYOND is focused around a unique type of workout called Pilates Hybrid Interval Training, PHIT for short. The brand’s PHIT philosophy combines the smooth movements of pilates with heart-rate directed exercises that burn major calories in five to ten minute intervals.

This high-energy regime allows your body to keep burning calories even after class has ended. On average, PHIT allows clients to see results in ten classes or less!

The high energy of these classes is accompanied by another one of BEYOND’s key elements: music! In fact, the brand’s mantra is “mind. movement. music.” Beth explains that music is what elevates each class from a workout to an experience.

Impacting Frisco & BEYOND!

BEYOND’s Frisco location just opened in January and Beth has already begun to see positive changes in the lives of her clients. Beth is focused not only on the fitness aspect of her business, but she also looks for the best ways to accommodate everyone.

Since Beth started out as a client at BEYOND, she maps out each and every aspect of her studio and workout classes to ensure her clients will have the best experience possible.

As a studio owner & instructor, I love getting to know our clients personally and helping them make progress on their fitness goals, whether it’s bouncing back from having a baby, increasing strength and endurance to become a better tennis player, getting Brides ready to walk down the aisle, or sculpting a six-pack.  We want to meet clients wherever they’re at and help them to go BEYOND.”

Most clients visit BEYOND on a regular schedule and intimate class sizes of twelve or fewer allow people to find common interests and make friends with their classmates. In a growing city like Frisco that’s full of new residents, the BEYOND studio is a great place to make friends and get connected.

BEYOND has been part of Frisco’s community since opening earlier this year. During the studio’s grand opening weekend, Beth and her team held a fundraiser class and brunch benefiting Frisco ARTS. The next fundraiser class is May 5th and will benefit Frisco Fastpacs. 100% of the class fee and 20% of retail sales will be donated to Fastpacs. May 5th also happens to be #NationalFitnessDay and Cinco de Mayo, so clients can celebrate with a delicious taco brunch after their workout!

Meet Your Fitness Goals at BEYOND Studios

No matter your schedule, Beth and her team will go above and BEYOND to find the class that fits you. With classes at 6 a.m. and noon Monday through Friday, you can stop in before work or even on your lunch break. Morning classes include childcare in the studio so that busy moms can join in on the fun.

Not a morning person? Sign up for one of BEYOND’s three evening classes and de-stress from your work day with a rejuvenating workout.

One of the great benefits of working out at BEYOND is the freedom. Unlike many boutique fitness studios, Beth’s pricing model isn’t contract based, so you can visit whenever you like without getting charge for classes you can’t attend. BEYOND does offer unlimited class contracts, but many clients buy in packs of 5, 10, or 20 classes because that’s what fits their budget and schedule the best. BEYOND offers a range of fitness classes, including the REFORM class; a 50-minute workout that changes every day. Beth says,

Boredom is not in our vocabulary! By remixing the music and the exercises for every single class, we keep classes fresh and interesting. Next up is incorporating different pilates accessories into our classes to challenge our clients and get their muscles shaking even more. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves that we can’t wait to show Frisco!”

Don’t let a fear of pilates stop you from visiting this unique fitness studio. Many first-time clients are intimidated at the thought of working out on a large piece of equipment like the reformers at BEYOND, but Beth and her team say there’s nothing to worry about. Just head to class ten minutes early and your instructor will make sure you’re comfortable using a reformer before your workout begins.

Signing Up Is Simple!

Visit the studio’s website and select “Book Now” to see the full list of available classes. The entire BEYOND team can’t wait to share their love of fitness and fun with the Frisco community!

That’s why they’re offer a FREE week of classes for Lifestyle Frisco readers!

Select the 1 Week Unlimited class package and use promo code “FRIENDS” to start your fitness journey and go BEYOND your goals at this one-of-a-kind pilates studio!