Get Your GLOW On with GloPRO – Part 1

I’m coming clean and admitting my age… I’ll be 49 this month, and lately I’ve been looking less than lackluster. When a friend mentioned adding the BeautyBio GloPRO to her nightly beauty regimen, I was intrigued.

Through my Downtown Dallas network, I’ve been a degree of separation away from Jamie O’Banion for years. I’ve watched her work with her father, Dr. Terry James, spending years helping develop cutting-edge technology and products for other prominent cosmetics companies. Now, on their own with the BeautyBio brand, the daughter-father team has created new patented technology so exceptional they decided to launch direct instead of selling it to existing luxe, results-focused brands.

My friend told me that the GloPRO was no joke and to get ready for a no-fluff treatment experience that would deliver real results and change my skin dramatically in just 1 month.

What is the GloPRO and How Does It Work?

The GloPRO is a patented microneedling device that stimulates skin’s natural regeneration response to induce micro-rejuvenation deep within the skin. As the GloPRO’s MicroTips™ pass over the skin, the rejuvenation process begins immediately as cells respond to imperceptible microchannels by restoring volume from the inside out.

When you turn on the GloPRO, you’ll see a red LED light function within the roller of microneedles. That light plus a VibroTactile Stimulation™ work synergistically to enhance regenerative skin benefits. The result is a visibly firmer, smoother, younger-looking appearance as your skin begins to increase its own natural collagen-building response from the inside out.

Starting with a completely washed face with all eye makeup removed, I used the GloPRO on my entire face (forehead, right side, left side, chin, nasolabial folds), neck, and décolletage – concentrating on each area separately. Then, using light pressure, I roll the GloPRO over each area 4-10 times, making sure to change directions with each pass.

I’m making sure to use is around my mouth and eye areas, but NOT on the eyelids or lips directly. Plus, I want to use it across my face for at least a full minute to ensure that the skin has been properly stimulated. Fair warning, my face, neck, and décolletage are all pink and flushed after use.

BeautyBio says that you may use to GloPRO alone or follow it up with your favorite serums and creams. The company also highly recommends applying your serums and creams WITHIN 10 MINUTES of completing the  this youth-promoting tool magnifies the benefits of key anti-aging ingredients making absorption easier while enhancing overall skincare performanceW

Wendi Comes Clean

So, here’s my no-makeup face BEFORE starting the GloPRO treatments. To begin, I used the device every other night… My face has been accustomed to a twice a week Retin-A treatment for years, but my neck and décolletage areas weren’t used to an intensive anti-aging treatment, so I started slowly during this first week.


After 1 week, I can definitely see improvements in my neck and décolletage… The skin around my outer- and under-eye is visibly tighter and even though the device is bringing a few blemishes to the surface, I expect these to be gone in a few days. My pores are also dramatically smaller, even though it’s July.


So far, I have to agree with VOGUE Magazine

It’s like a Zamboni for wrinkles!

And, I’m loving the #TruthInBeauty focus from BeautyBio… Real talk. No fluff. On a mission to empower women by showing them what works for their skin and why.

Be on the lookout for my Part 2 article after Day 30 when I’ll share my whole experience and results gained with the GloPRO.

So, get GLOWING Frisco! And, let me know in the comments below if you have used this device before and what your results were.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by BeautyBio and their GloPRO by way of Wendi receiving a GloPRO and testing the product over 1 month.