Get a Jump on Fun with Frisco Athletic Network and Lonestar Volleyball

Image courtesy USAG- Humphreys

Even though you might not be aware, the Frisco Athletic Network has actually been around for many years.  The organization launched in 2003 as a single team of athletes looking for a higher level of volleyball.  As the team became visible to the schools in the area, others joined and volleyball fever arrived in Frisco!

In 2006, Frisco Athletic Network, Inc. (FAN) was formed as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  FAN joined the City of Frisco Sports Council as a participating member in the growth of youth sports in Frisco with a focus is not just on volleyball, but the training, healthy eating, and injury rehabilitation.

Lonestar Volleyball (Frisco Athletic Network) has joined partners with DX3.  DX3 Athlete is not your typical youth sports training provider, nor is its team.  It is not CrossFit, a Kids Boot camp, or a so-called “where the pro’s train” facility.  It’s an out-of-the-box urban/ industrial experience that was created to cater to the psychology of youth combined with a team of experts who specialize in creating a passion for training in kids.

DX3 two goals… to improve kid’s self-confidence through safe athletic development and to positively impact kids for life.  Don’t let their “street” decor or crazy team fool you.  Their program has been successfully implemented to over 1 million youth athletes in over 50 school districts.  Providing  junior athletes in the 1st through 12th grades with a positive environment to train, learn and compete, all practices, games, professional training, and tournaments are carefully designed to advance the development of athletic skills and strategy of the game all while instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity.  Athletes will develop the physical and mental skills necessary for competitive volleyball.

Kids need to feel like they are part of something to which they belong and the assurance of positive self-confidence, and they want to experience things that engage, captivate and motivate them.  Positive self-awareness and the ability to excel are the results DX3 training gives in a kid-centric environment with instruction and a feeling of acceptance in which they are excited to participate.

After developing the first Athletic Development Curriculum to be adopted by over 52 school districts in Texas, training over 5,000 coaches and impacting over 1 million kids to date, DX3 brings this programming to the public.  Their team personally trains over 2,000 kids each week in various locations. “We didn’t just jump into the youth market because there was opportunity.  We have trained kids and coaches who train kids for over 20 years.  That’s what we do and have always done,” says Arneva Martin, Commissioner & Executive Director.  “Good athletes are born…Great kids are developed.”