Frisco’s Own Earth911 Brings Sustainability To The Masses

I’ll bet you didn’t know that one of the biggest, oldest, and most popular sustainability websites on the internet is based right here in Frisco, TX.

Earth911 was first established in the mid-90s when “the internet” still wasn’t part of most people’s vocabulary. Born of a passion for sustainability, the site has undergone changes of ownership over the years but is now a part of publicly traded Quest Resource Management Group (QRMG), which makes its home in Frisco Square.

The mission of Earth911 is to guide consumers, through education and entertainment, toward decisions that improve their quality of life and also benefit the environment. They make this mission easy to get behind because they don’t throw “green” in your face. It’s all about small, fun, simple steps that anyone can take and that, when combined, create a big impact.

The truth is that many of us would like to make healthier, more sustainable choices but we aren’t going to go out of our way to do it. For instance, many of us recycle, but we aren’t “hard-core” about it. And that is the nice thing about Earth911’s approach and content: It’s not about giant steps, just the small ones.

If you have a garden, doesn’t composting just make sense? At Earth911, you’ll find guides on what to compost and how to get started.

Maybe you’ve recently upgraded a gadget, or you have electronics that you don’t use or that just don’t work anymore. Check out some alternatives to just throwing them in the garbage!

While the folks at Earth911 want us to have fun learning about sustainability, they are a business. So last fall they opened a marketplace for eco-friendly products, where vendors from all over the country can sell their sustainability related products.

The idea behind the marketplace was to make it easy for people to find and purchase sustainable products. Plus, they let you know how the products fit into the eco-friendly mold (for instance, whether products are non-toxic, socially responsible, fair trade, recycled, or upcycled).

I’ve even seen some VERY cool things made with recycled products. Stuff you would actually want to own, including interesting jewelry and wood watches.

The site also offers great DIY ideas, like this one that shows you what to do to with all those wine corks you’ve been saving!

How about fun stuff for the kids? At Earth911, you’ll find DIY ideas like recipes for making non-toxic paint (let them lick their fingers without worrying), as well as products like these Crayon Rocks, which I own and they really do rock!

The site also reviews products, like this killer electric scooter. (I definitely need one of these for running back and forth to Market Street.)

Whether you’re merely curious or you want to make some conscious changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle (even just a little one), head over to Earth911 and check them out. You might just have a little fun in the process!

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