Frisco Utilities and Schedules

For information on special circumstances, enforcement, fines and more, visit  You may also email the City of Frisco with specific questions at

The physical address is:  City Hall, 6101 Frisco Square Boulevard – First Floor, Frisco, TX 75034


Co-Serv:  800-274-4014 – (Note: Co-Serv is a not-for-profit cooperative, meaning it’s owned by the people who use their services and is headquartered in Corinth)

Oncor: 866-797-4839 –


Co-Serv: 800-274-4014 –


AT&T: 888-294-8433

Grande Communications: 877-238-6891

Time Warner: 972-742-5892


Grande Communications: 877-238-6891 –

Time Warner: 972-742-5892 –

Frontier Internet: 855-653-6392 – (Spanish version)

Environmental Services

See the Frisco interactive map for trash, recycling, yard, and waste pick up days

Water:  972-292-5575

City of Frisco: 972-292-5575

Recycling: (same as trash pickup day, full recycling info for Frisco)

Christmas Tree Pick Up info can be found at the bottom of the residential recycling pickup page.

Community Waste Disposal Inc. of Dallas: 972-392-9300

Trash: (full trash pickup info for Frisco including acceptable use, special pick up, etc…)

Yard Waste: Residential Yard Waste Services provided by Progressive Waste Solutions.

Community Waste Disposal Inc. of Dallas (CWD): 972-392-9300