Frisco, TX – State of the City

Frisco City Hall Train Sculpture Image Courtesy QuesterMark

In June the Frisco Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon with George Purefoy that attracted 400 people, the most ever for the event.

George Purefoy is the only city manager Frisco has known and severs at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council.

While Mr. Purefoy is eyeing retirement after 2018, he still has a few things to do.  And his unique unique perspective on the growth in Frisco will be important to seeing those things through.

He’s done an excellent job by all accounts and we’re grateful for his service to the community.

In the city managers words “[the state of the city is] probably the best it’s been.”

The $5Billion Mile is the dominant topic and Frisco is fortunate to have so many of these projects happening all at once. But the $5Billion Mile isn’t the only story.

Other Projects under way include:

But with that development comes certain challenges for Frisco and its city manger.

Keeping up with infrastructure is a big one. Frisco currently enjoys status as a an ISO 1 rated city. But keeping that status requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Managing transportation is also going to present challenges. The area around 121 and the Dallas North Tollroad is already a busy one and is going to become far busier as projects come to a close.

Then there is the Exide clean up still underway. Once that clean up is complete plans call for Grand Park to finally get built.

It’s an exciting time to be in Frisco but our city manager, city council, and mayor have their work cut out for them.

What do you think of everything that’s happening in Frisco? Are you excited about the growth or do you have concerns about how much of it is happening all at once? Tell us in the comments below.