Frisco Texas High School Football Week 3 GOTW Preview: Frisco Wakeland Wolverines @ Richardson Pearce Mustangs

Wakeland vs Lovejoy, Photo Credit:

Above Photo Credit:  Wakeland vs. Lovejoy in Week 2.


Every week it’s difficult to pick a Game of the Week. Truth be told, there are plenty of fascinating stories to be found with every potential matchup each week in the fabulous world of Frisco, Texas high school football. However, in this week’s GOTW matchup, the choice was made somewhat simpler by the fact that the Wakeland Wolverines are rolling, thanks to a prolific offense.

Also of note, this week’s opponent, the Richardson Pearce Mustangs reside in 9-6A, which usually presents a challenge, even for top-notch 5A teams such as Wakeland.

Frisco Wakeland (1-0, 2-0) @ Richardson Pearce (1-1)—Eagle-Mustang Stadium, 7:00 PM

During the first two weeks of the 2017 High School football season, the Wakeland Wolverines have been causing quite a stir. And for their fans, it’s a great thing…this is what happens when your offense averages a jaw-dropping, tongue-flapping, steam-from-your-ears inducing 10 yards per offensive play! A first down for every offensive play!

Their offense has been so good, I bet Wakeland HC Marty Secord could flip through an imaginary Chip Kelly fever-dream playbook and make its whackiest play work. “Hey man, let’s try a one-legged, triple-lindy flea-flicker (with a limp), using our non-dominant throwing hand in backward slow-mo?” And then Boom, first down!

This is the type of offensive production my Fantasy Football team should’ve had if I hadn’t benched Kareem Hunt. But I digress.

Wakeland vs. Lovejoy in Week 2. Photo Credit:

Certainly, the secret sauces added to Wakeland’s Scoville Scale Offense are the Wolverines’ QB Dylan Cadwallader (480 yds, 6 TDs, 0 INTs) and fellow stand-out RBs Colby Delashaw (227 yds, 2 TDs and Cade Starnes (151 yds, 10.1 yds. per att.). And of course, the talented troika of WRs in Tre Adams (178 yds., 2 TDs), Peyton Reinersten (163 yds.) and Easton Reeves (102 yds., TD)—the three of which are averaging just over 19 yards per catch.

These are the types of playmaking studs that give coaches such as the Mustangs’ HC David Collins nightmares. But no matter how talented your offense is, it would be a key mistake to overlook Coach Collins’ Richardson Pearce squad. Collins, the former Offensive Coordinator for the perennial playoff contender, Lake Travis, knows a thing or twelve about how to burst a scoreboard’s light bulbs.

In Pearce’s Week 1 loss to McKinney High, the Mustangs managed to put up 28 points against a Lions defense that has allowed only one lonely TD since.  In the win column, the Mustangs rebounded well in Week 2, rumbling to a 28-7 halftime lead over Irving Nimitz in route to a 38-15 rout for their first win of the young season.

Wakeland vs Lovejoy in Week 2. Photo Credit:

The key for the Wolverines to corral the Mustangs’ offense will be to neutralize the effectiveness of their four-headed monster—QB Bo Brewer (410 yds, 2 TD), RB Dequan Landon (226 yds, 5 TDs) and WRs Ford Woods (160 yds, 20 yds per catch) as well as  De’Astone Barlow (157 yds, TD).

Sure, it’d be silly to assume that the Wolverines will continue to average ten yards per offensive play but one thing is certain: in a football season full of weekly tests, taking down a formidable 6A foe in Week 3 could loom large for a Wakeland football team eager to prove that they are the cream of the District 13-5A crop.