Get Moving With Frisco Running Company

Like many people in Frisco, we are always looking for ways to stay healthy and in shape. To some it comes pretty easy while others, like me, need a push.

Running is one of the easiest and most popular ways to stay in shape, but is also is one of the most hated. The number one reason that people “hate” running is because they believe they can’t do it well or think they need to be in better shape to go for jog or run.

Most people run in discomfort the entire time and can’t figure out why.  The simple answer is they are working harder than their body can handle comfortably. We get the inspired to go running by friends or family, or we hear about the benefits of running and want to give it a shot.

So you put your shoes on, strap on your iPod, and hit the pavement hard. Then the problems start. You have a hard time breathing, you are sweating profusely, and your feet hurt.

Fortunately, the solution is simple…start running easy, don’t push so hard, and take the time to talk to expert runners like the guy’s over at Frisco Running Company.

Believe it or not there is a “right” way to run. And it starts with having the right shoes.

Frisco Running Company is the perfect place to get the right shoes for feet and to learn more about getting into running or just freshening up on the activity. They offer a wide range of brands to make sure that you feel good when you run and that you run smart.

The best thing about the Frisco Running Company is the passion they have for the sport and how open and easy they are to answer your questions.

Frisco Running Company Gait Lab

Image courtesy hojusaram

One of the coolest things that they offer is “Gait Analysis.” They go through an in depth session of testing to better understand your biomechanics as a runner.

They will put you through a movement screen to assess your muscle activation and firing patterns along with general range of flexibility.

They will also film you  walking and running with cameras that capture your every motion at 100 frames per second!  This video is analyzed on motion capture software with a gait professional. From that data they can show you how you can improve to be a faster or more efficient runner.

They will also show you ways to recover from injury.

Finally, they will go over a plan that is designed for you so that you can begin or continue running smarter and healthier.

This is a great service but it is done by appointment only. Visit for more information.

Frisco Running Company Events

One of the best things for new runners to stay motivated is group runs, races, or events. It can be hard to sign up for a event when there are so many out there and sometimes the fees are really high.

A great way to get your feet wet is the weekly “Wednesday Night Social Run.” This is just one of the many events the Frisco Running Club offers. This is a  3 or 5 mile social “recovery” run from from the store and is for all runners and paces. Here you can meet and talk with runners as well as have a great opportunity to get to know the people at the store. It’s a free event and what better way to start running than for free. The run starts at 6:30pm so it is a little cooler outside and you can sign up on their Facebook page

If the evening doesn’t quit fit your schedule they also offer a bright and early social run every Thursday at 5:30am or Saturday at 6:30am.

I can tell you from personal experience that the people that work and run with the Frisco running Company are there to help you and really enjoy what they do. I use to run a lot more than I do now so this was a great opportunity to get back into it and not feel stressed or pressured while doing it.

Of course the early morning run is not for me but it just might work for some of you.