Frisco Public Library

When I was young, the Frisco Public Library was in a small building down Main Street, and Main was almost all of Frisco at the time.  I would beg my parents to take me… I loved the library.  It’s no secret that Frisco has been a fast-growing community.  Parts of the city that were once cast aside for bigger developments are now being reconsidered for growth and a sense of history; connecting the city that was with the city that is today.

No part of Frisco says that better than the Main Street/Frisco Square area.  What was once an average small city downtown has blossomed into something Frisconians can be proud of.  Everyone knows about the stadium, the restaurants, and the movie theater, but how many residents know that the Frisco Library is nestled in the George A. Purefoy Municipal Building, and how many of those people know about the stellar programs the library offers for the residents?  Listen up…

Located in Purefoy building, the Frisco Public Library spans three stories and each area is separated by age group- teen, children, and adult literature.  Each floor has needs specifically melded with the needs of the patron.  Teens have reading areas and computer labs at the back on the 1st floor, whereas young children can explore play areas on the 2nd, and adults may utilize study rooms and reading areas on the 4th floor for quiet time.

Offering multiple programs to get kids in to the library with their parents, and to instill the love of reading in everyone, the reading program is designed to get kids to read and to help parents get involved.  It’s separated by age group and runs almost everyday to attract residents of all ages.

The modern library opened in 2006, and keeping with the times, it has started programs to not only get adults caught up on Social Media and online learning topics, but to also help students when school assistance isn’t available.  The Library offers online resources like research for papers, homework help, and test prep and practice tests that are connected to state tests.  For adults, the library has online programs like Texas teacher certification practice tests and vocational career collections.  The library also has the option to learn a language, which connects kids to Muzzy (you may remember the infomercials, he’s been around a while).  Most of these online programs can be reached at home, too, with your library card.

Spanning almost 24/7, the Library also offers night classes for adults who want to learn how to use Excel or what the Affordable Care Act means for them.  For teens, there’s the “Teen Writers Group” that meets once a month and a teen anime club; the Library is open to all ages and all interests.

There’s also ESL groups that meet to talk and improve their conversational English, and of course, book clubs for every taste:  one for knitters, one for Sci/fi lovers, one for Graphic Novels, and even one for lovers of the classics.  We’d also like to encourage you to support the library by donating books, money, or participating in the “Book Nook” program, which contains pre-owned books, DVD’s, or music to which you can donate or purchase.

Inspiring intellect, curiosity, and imagination, Frisco residents of all ages and interests who wish to read more, learn more, or even just grab a movie should grab their library card and make a date with the Frisco Library.

Monday – Thursday  10AM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday  10AM –6PM
Sunday  1PM – 5PM

George A. Purefoy Municipal Building
6101 Frisco Square Blvd.,  Frisco, TX  75034

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