Frisco ISD Secondary Dress Code Update

As a secondary student, I would knowingly go to school out of dress code in short skirts from time to time. I was inspired by Britney Spears; I was a rebel. Don’t tell my Dad, but I would even keep an extra pair of jeans in my locker as a backup to avoid ISS (In-School Suspension)! I was a responsible rebel…

With my personal dress code infractions out in the open, I’m pleased to share the news that secondary students in Frisco ISD have an updated dress code that is a bit more relaxed and has gender-neutral verbiage.

As always, a students’ appearance should not cause a disruption, promote violence, or be offensive. If students make irresponsible choices, they run the risk of having to wear the famous “dress for success” clothing or even finishing the day out in ISS. In addition, repeat offenders often get individualized repercussions that can vary campus to campus.

The updated Frisco ISD dress code is outlined below with major changes in bold:

As always, coaches and sponsors may have more stringent expectations for those in extracurricular activities, so getting a fresh nose stud without checking with your coach would be a bad idea!

As a high school teacher, I’m excited to have one less reason to send my students out of the classroom!

Want to see the facts for yourself? Check out the full dress code online. Also, if you haven’t reviewed your school’s handbook in a while, give it a read. There’s a lot of helpful information available there for parents and students.