Frisco Ice Hockey Association

2014 Frisco Varsity Red – Summer Champs in the AT&T High School Metroplex Hockey League

Frisco knows sports. And our community has just about everything you could want when it comes to sports.

But did you know that your high school age aspiring NHL players have a league to play in too? I didn’t!

Whether you’re planning to move to Frisco, are new to the community, or just didn’t know, the Frisco Ice Hockey Association combines players from across Frisco ISD High Schools to play against other high school teams from around DFW in the AT&T High School Metroplex Hockey League.

Within the league there are two teams at each level: Varsity Red and White, and Junior Varsity Red and White.

Big Congrats to the Frisco Varsity Red Summer Team for winning the championship over Plano West!

What a game!

The game was tied at the end of regulation and went down to the last minute. Plano West thought they had the game at the end of OT–but a call was made to Toronto, and the goal was waived off since time had run out! The shootout went 6 deep, and the pile on started!

Congrats to Varsity Red! Goals: Nehls (unassisted), Warhoftig (Nehls), Warhoftig (Romero), Samadian (Steele, Howell), Steele (Howell, Samadian), Samadian (unassisted) Shootout: Nehls, Palmer SOG 37 Tucker.

Varsity Play-Down

The Varsity team is about to start the Play-Down rounds to qualify for the State Championship Tournament. They have drawn Arlington/Midlothian and must beat them in a 2 out of 3 play-down format, separate from regular league play, in order to qualify for the state tournament.

Varsity Play Down Schedule:

Sunday Jan 11
– Game 1 State Play-Down
– Frisco vs. Arlington/Midlothian
4:00pm Frisco Star Center

Tuesday Jan 13

– Game 2 State Play-Down
– Arlington/Midlothian vs. Frisco
8:45pm Euless Star Center

– Game 3 State Play-Down
– Only if needed
– Frisco vs. Arlington/Midlothian
– Frisco Star Center



Dr. Pepper Arena