Frisco Group Petitioning To Extend Alcohol Sales In The City

A new group in Frisco called the Frisco Committee for Economic Growth is petitioning to extend alcohol sales in Frisco. The group is composed of Frisco residents, business, and community leaders.

The group has 30 days from the day they picked up their petitions (Wednesday, June 17th) to gather 9,700 signatures. If successful, the petitions will go before the Frisco City Secretary Jenny Page for verification. If everything checks out, the petitions then go on to Frisco City Council who send the issue to the people for a vote. The goal is to have this topic on the ballot in the November 2015 election.

Frisco has had a rough relationship with alcohol laws. In November 2014, after several attempts, Frisco passed a late night ordinance allowing the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants until 2am. Previously, businesses had to stop serving at 12am Monday-Friday and 1am on Saturday. While hotly debated among Frisco citizens, the issue still passed.

In 2008 Frisco City Council repealed a measure to allow late night sales after a petition by citizens.

The most common reason cited by those in favor of the expansion of alcohol sales is economics. As Frisco continues to grow, and more businesses open or move to Frisco, we’re sending tax dollars to neighboring cities that should stay in Frisco. By having more uniform laws with surrounding cities, Frisco remains competitive for attracting new businesses.

Extended alcohol sales include annexed areas of Frisco and serve to support the economic development happening as a part of Frisco’s $5 Billion mile project.

For a community of about 150,000, estimates suggest a tax boost of $950,000 if Frisco goes wet, based on a 2008 report by the Perryman Group on the economic impact of alcohol sales in Texas.

Other benefits include approximately 440 jobs and $43.2M in local spending.

The Bottom Line: Sales of distilled spirits and other alcoholic beverages are a sizable source of economic activity. The industry also generates significant tax receipts.

What do you think of allowing a full range of alcohol sales in Frisco? Leave us a note in the comments.