Frisco General Election Information and Results 2017

Election Day is Saturday, May 6.

14,151 (15.89% of registered) voters took part in this Frisco election out of 89,047 registered voters.

Candidates & Winners


Jeff Cheney : 53.67% (Listen to our podcast with Jeff)

Bob Allen : 46.33% (Listen to our podcast with Bob)

Place 5

Tim Nelson : 65.25%

Chris King : 34.75%

Place 6

Brian Livingston* : 43.13%

Bobby Roberti* : 21..71%

K.D. Warach : 15.85%

Rui Zhang : 10.81

Jason Abati : 8.50%

*Runoff election between Livingston and Roberti is on June 10 since no individual had more than 50% of the vote


Where To Vote

Precinct map and polling locations for the City of Frisco

You must vote in the county you live in.

For specific information on where you should vote please visit the website of the County in which you reside: